Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3rd: Quincouplet Postcard Project

River of Stones, Day 3:

I have been writing haiku and senryu for this month long challenge. Decided to keep an ongoing page and wait for further details (newsletter) from the blog. Hundreds were submitted to the blog on Jan1 &2, and no doubt 3, and on.

I like the idea of capturing something briefly in a day.

Today I woke up anticipating the predicted 5-10 inches of snow in our yard. Peeked outside. Nothing. Only morning sun filling up our silver trees with pink light. It's so cold out there. Mercury disappeared in our thermometer.

I feel like I've disappeared too. Have been immersed in writing every day, so much so it's afternoon by the time I look up and check the clock. Yesterday, I created my postcard for the launch of the quincouplet postcard project. My team of Just Poets are: Donna Marbach, Colleen Powderly, Jen Eddy, Dave Tilly and Patricia Schwartz.

Will mail the postcard to Donna today. When we were initially planning the logistics of this project on December 3rd, Donna and Dave ,who have done quite a few collaborations in the past 10 years, both said that the postcard exchange was so turn of the Millennium, which made me laugh. Of course the concern is the number of days it will take to receive the sent postcards. So we're sending the quincouplets ahead of their cards, so our team can read and respond, and mail their cards in a timely fashion.

This project will go until February, with each of us making 6 poem/postcards.

So we're off to a decent start. Donna has written hers and has her postcard images and the quincouplet to Colleen. We're in motion . . .

Looking forward to receiving the postcards. I like mail and I like the idea that so much thought and time will be put into each of these gems.

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