Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Round-Up

Stories from the Fringe, the monologues of 18 women rabbis, a play featuring three women, playing the three generations of women, whose stories are personal, historical, remarkable. I was so glad I went to see this, this weekend. I enjoyed listening to the talk back with the playwrights. I think they appreciated seeing the play outside of their own landscape (Los Angeles) because they were able "to relax" and see the play without being conscious of their significant roles. Listening to their detailed explanations of what it means to be a rabbi was poignant and complicated in the many ways one is Jewish-- religious and cultural; and evident that they don't want to be "women" rabbis; they want to be rabbis.I loved listening to the concept of blessings. I thought it was inspirational-- something I want in my own life too.

So glad I saw this play.

On the Domestic Front:

Still putting by veggies. Picked, soaked, cleaned Brussel Sprouts yesterday. Did three stalks and
it took several hours. They look like jingle bells on the stalk. Tight little heads. Made a tall pot of chili, which simmered all day long. Yum. Went for a long bike ride in the park yesterday. Gorgeous headstrong blue skies stretching out over Ontario. So clear. A lot of geese in the water calling back and forth to each other. Perhaps, getting ready to fly South; however, many stay over the winter now. Must be able to forage without much difficulty.

This week, more events. Four Freedoms week at St. John Fisher College. A lot of worthwhile lectures, movies, exhibits. I hope to attend many of the offerings this week as well as attend
to my on-going work.

Happy Halloween! Happy Birthday, Louis!

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