Saturday, August 13, 2011

Morning Report

In the World of Words:

Charles Cote interviews John Roche, regarding his newest poetry collection: Ghost Roads.
It's a thoughtful interview, well worth the read:

Heard from Split Oak Press that I was one of the finalists for my prose collection Between Worlds. They received a large number of submissions for this year's contest, and I'm honored that my manuscript was recognized by the panel of readers and the judge. Hopefully, this chapbook collection, which is a mix of fiction and nonfiction, will find its way into print.

Congratulations to Karen Weyant's , her latest poetry chapbook Wearing Heels in the Rustbelt will be published by Main Street Rag. She was the winner of their annual chapbook contest! Looking forward to reading this collection.


Red Rooster Farm News:

Nothing better than fresh produce. So temporary, this Eden's offerings. Thus far, we have exceptional broccoli-- looks picture perfect. Zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, blue lake green beans, deep purple eggplant-- I've been staying ahead of this and picking early, rather than a day late. you all know what a day makes in zucchini life-- baseball bat size seems to materialize in an eye-blink.

We're going to have a lot of pumpkins this year. So excited about this. Soon we'll be processing these veggies for winter. Nothing better than fresh tomato sauce when the snow is flying.

I've made a lot of boutique jams this year. My sister Karen, who is very critical of practically everything, gave me a thumbs up on these offerings. Her seal of approval is crucial because her praise will continue for years and that's the good news. But, when you have a food failure, that commentary stays constant too, and that's not so good. She's an exceptional cook and our family historian. I really like talking about recipes with her. She's taught me a lot.

Hope all of you are enjoying these last days of summer. Soon, September.

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