Thursday, July 28, 2011

Storm Brewing

Photo: by K.Iuppa, Recent storm on Lake Ontario

I too am a storm brewing. Have been working on a poetry project that has made me think seriously about content. What makes a subject significant? If the poem is engaged in observation, how can you be sure that the content is more than a mere report? What gives the observation consequence? Can the consequence be subtle, rather than shaped by certain edginess? Who's paying attention to what's "worth it"? I think having a project makes me think deeply about my writer's craft. I enjoy the routine of a project. I look forward to each day's new work. Stunned by my constant fussing over the "small world" poems I've written, whereas the longer lyric-narratives and other forms (cinquain, triolet, pantoum and so on) have been holding up. I've been enjoying the process. It's a conversation that is allowed to travel through the past,present, future zones. I think the conversation is wrestling with memory-- it's vulnerable; it wants a cure. We'll see . . .

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