Sunday, August 28, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was Peter's Birthday! We had a perfect day to celebrate with family and good friends. Happy Birthday, Peter!

Publishing news: Flash Fiction "The Catch" appears in the Aroostook Review

Please check it out. Scroll to bottom of first page and you will see the list of contributors. Click on author's name and you will see the work. Hope you like the story! Have poems forthcoming in Avocet (fall and winter print issues), Untitled Country Review (online), and The Comstock Review (print issue); poems currently in Red Poppy Review, Greatest Lakes Review and The Montucky Review.

Jam Report: Made batches of Italian Plum with lemon, Sour cherry and Italian Plum. Have been roasting cherry and grape (orange, red, yellow) tomatoes (slow oven heat) and serving on Cibatta with grated cheese. Amazing!

Easy Peasy Recipe:

Wash tomatoes and halve. Place in shallow pan, slice side up. Make one layer(place tomatoes close together) on the bottom of pan. Chop and scatter diced onions over tomatoes, followed by coarse chopped basil, garlic, sea salt, pepper, a bit of red pepper flakes (go easy on this!) just enough to give it some zip. Drizzle olive oil and put in oven, low heat. start at 290 degrees for about 20 minutes, then reduce to 250 degrees. In an hour or so, the tomatoes will be roasted perfectly. Then take tray out of oven, and with a serving spoon scoop the roasted tomatoes with its juice onto a really sturdy bread slice. You can put any grated cheese on top. Enjoy. This is also fabulous scooped onto pasta (any shape) with grated cheese. I'm so grateful for our garden. We've had a bounty and it's just starting to kick into high gear.

I want to thank bloggers for their favorite recipes, too. Soon, the last day of August.

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