Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekend Updates

From the nursery: another duckling arrives! Considerably smaller than its nearly week-old sibling.They grow so quickly. At first, the older duckling was picking on the little one (ugh! siblings) But it stopped and now they're glad to be side by side.

From the podium: Nick crossed the threshold and took his diploma. Ta-da! This was a long awaited day--such a thrill for Peter and me. All of our children have degrees that were accomplished in a timely way. Let's see, George was on time (He also has a law degree and is a practicing lawyer); Meghan Rose graduated a whole year ahead(She's a practicing actress and doing well), and Nick added a year to complete a second major(soon he'll be off to Europe). I'm basking in a feeling of completion. It won't last for very long, because there is always more to do. But, for this weekend, I'm so happy. This is the best Mother's Day gift!

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