Thursday, May 5, 2011

Since I Last Spoke to You . . .

Despite chilly, rainy weather, the days of April clicked by on tiny heels . . .The semester came to a surprising end. Finals week began on Easter Monday. The whole week spent reading and grading. I was finished by Friday April 29. This is a most satisfied feeling.

Now it's Senior week. My son Nick is graduating on Saturday. It's going to be a thrill watching him receive his diploma. Another threshold crossed. Hurray! We're all so happy for him. Meghan's in the musical The Producers at JCC and it's opening this weekend. Peter's one act play My Best Friend is one of the Regional Writers Showcase winners. There will be a staged reading on May 9th at GeVa Theatre Center. His play is just stunning. The staged readings are well-attended, so if you're going to come to the event. Plan on getting there early. It's in the Next Stage at 6:00 p.m. Tickets are free, but you have to call GeVa: 232-GEVA to reserve your tickets.

Went to NYC , Sunday until late Tuesday night. Spring is there in high gear. Warm weather, sunny skies, people sharing meals outside under awnings. Love in the air. Springtime in NYC. Didn't get enough time to enjoy the city. Spent most of it inside at an appointed duty. Nevertheless, was glad to be there for those few days. Came back to cold weather ( a drastic difference). Hopefully today will be a bit warmer. At least the sun is shining. We have had so much rain. Everything is so soggy. Still, we have to move forward, making plans for our vegetable gardens.

Yesterday, went to my office at St. John Fisher to do some program work. Accomplished a lot. Then had a wonderful time at the English department's Senior dinner. The turn out was exceptional. So wonderful to see how happy all the graduates were. The talk was both a looking forward and a looking back. Good moods all around.

Our first two duck eggs hatched. These eggs are being cared for by our broody hen, who has been diligent. One duckling survived its birth and is thriving. Now living under a warm lamp and eating and drinking on its own. We're waiting for the others to arrive. Hopefully soon, because that little duck is growing by leaps and bounds.

Think SUN!! We need to warm up and dry out here on the farm. Will keep you posted on our nursery news.

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