Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week-Long Limbo, from One Year into the Next

Our Christmas Tree glows with the light of the past, present, future. Something comforting in this tree of life. Late on Christmas Eve, after all the feasting and gifting and enjoying each other's company, my youngest grandson (2 years old) took a deep interest in the tree and its ornaments and began asking questions about each one. My daughter Meghan, who was sitting on the rug near the tree, answered him, but
pushed the conversation along, and we all listened in. I loved the way George Emmett and Meghan were looking up into the tree and counting the ornaments. I guess I have a lot of Santa and angel ornaments (both= good fortune). Georgie took one of the Santa ornaments home for his tree. He declared: "I don't want to leave Grandpa's house. I want to stay here." But near midnight, his family packed up all their loot and headed home. Georgie looked back, and said, "Good Bye, Christmas Tree." Oh my, he just melts my heart.

Christmas Day was blissful. Reading, napping, napping, reading. (You get the pattern here).
The well-deserved rest. Nick's girlfriend arrived from Germany last night. So good to see her, and both of them so happy. Will be making a big meal today to celebrate her arrival.

This upcoming week is a week of limbo. Looking back-looking forward. I have so many things I want to do, need to do, plan to do. So far, so good. Boxing Day is a good day to start.

** Remember to plan your New Year's Day carefully. Everything you do on New Year's, you'll do all year long. Choose wisely!

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