Monday, December 27, 2010

Limbo Week Day 2

Good Morning World!

So quiet & cold outside. We're suppose to have high winds, which will make the mercury disappear.

Snow is falling everywhere, but here. ( I have no idea how we've escaped this weather system, but I'm relieved.) Thunder snowstorm in NYC. The city must be paralyzed with all that snowfall.

It's true, I've always welcomed the day or days of being snowbound. The pot of soup simmering on the stove, the hours upon hours of solitude-- reading, writing, drawing-- cozy in fleece and slippers.

The stunning breath of air when we venture out for a walk to see all that has happened. Such a contrast of busyness. But we're not going to get any snow, per say. Some bluster, I guess. But nothing that will add up.

So, because nothing will add up, I think the day will have its diverting tensions. The most distracting thing on my desk this morning is a large bar of Lavender soap. It smells glorious.

My granddaughter bought it for me. It's perfect.

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