Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome September

Since my last post, we have had a lot of company. Actors, musicians, yoga instructors, massage therapists-- all friends of my daughter-- all attending a wedding for a dear friend of theirs. What a terrific group. Both Peter and I enjoyed having them here. We were a Bed & Breakfast & Dinner too.

Great sense of humor. I enjoyed being around all of them. The wedding was perfect. Weather too. We've been having some very hot weather (90s) this past week. Last weekend it was just starting to heat up again, but it wasn't unbearable. Now a cold front has pushed its way into our area. Much cooler, which means I will be able to accomplish a lot more this long weekend. The heat really turns me to mush.

Last week was all about getting started. Meetings, meetings, meetings. Preparation for classes.
High hopes, just like the song. Like so many others who live in the school calendar, September is my new year, fresh start. Time to get a new pair of shoes. New paper & pen supplies ( I could spend hours selecting a new journal and pen . . .) I was hoping I would win a journal from Drew's blog. Alas, I don't think my name was picked from the hat. My birthday is in 11 days, maybe I'll get one for my birthday . . .

It's a beautiful day. I'm confused. They said rain and high winds for today. Some residue of the
hurricane system (s) ?

So far, not a storm cloud in sight. To a perfect long weekend!

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