Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weather Report: Time to Get Things Done

Weather Report: Rain, a soft gentle rain that began around 4 a.m. and continues into the hour of coffee. It's, at last, cooler. The next two weeks will be filled with preparation for the upcoming semester and finishing of projects. So much to do, so much to do.

We made the blueberry and navel orange jam sans sugar. It's a very sophisticated taste. More like marmalade. I like it, but those who prefer a sweeter taste would be startled by its pucker up. The book says it's best on zucchini bread. Now that it's a bit cooler, I'm going to bake some bread. We do have an abundance of zucchini.

Planning on going out to the gardens as soon as the rain lets up to harvest tomatoes and carrots. The carrots are very sweet this year and look more like starfish than straight eights, but once cleaned and sliced, who really knows or cares. It's interesting how veggies have been engineered to look a certain way in the grocery stores. The code of uniformity does something to the taste.

As a kid, I used to love Red Delicious apples, so sweet, so juicy. Now the store bought variety
have no taste. It's disturbing. Peter has been grilling fruit, peaches and pears. What a nice side taste that is. Nothing better than summer veggie fare.

Went to see EAT PRAY LOVE this past week. I really enjoyed reading the book and had an opportunity to hear and meet Elizabeth Gilbert several years ago. There were 900 people at the reading, but she made the room feel very intimate. My favorite part of the movie and book was Italy. And after seeing that landscape and plates of food and gatherings of friends for meals-- I wanted to jump on the next plane.

Enjoy your August Sunday . . . any way you please.

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