Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Week of September

It's chilly this morning. I have been up for a while, trying to get caught up with correspondence.
Nearly there. Small coffee break to say good morning.

The weekend went by far too quickly. Spent the whole weekend steeped in rituals. Vows exchanged. Concert heard. More tomatoes picked and processed three different ways. Roasted tomatoes are just to die for. Picked a laundry basket full of dried beans. They're drying out-- gone to mud room rehab-- it's so warm in our mud room, a perfect spot. Hope to shuck and store the beans this week.

Once again, after a wild week at school, I landed on my farmhouse doorstep, like Peter Rabbit. Everyone had blackberries and cream, except me. Exhausted by the spin of the week, I went straight to bed.

But the recap of the week's highlights went like this:

Cambridge Footlights. O, they were fun. So glad they came to Fisher. Some very funny skits, especially the origin of "Bird."

Took my Encounters class to see Amadeus at Geva Theatre. A fine production delivered to a near sold out audience. I saw this play in NYC in 1980. It was amazing then, and now. This version was Peter Shaffer's most recent version(1998). Interesting to see work evolve. I guess, with each run of Amadeus, Shaffer has had the opportunity to revisit his work. How fabulous is that!?

This week, more of the same busyness. I don't think it's going to let up.

Started to write a new poem yesterday and 86ed it this morning. I cut it, just like chopping up vegetables. Decisive. Ah, will there ever be short cake on the menu?

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