Tuesday, July 20, 2010

O rise and shine

Where do I start? Woke up early this morning to the sound of farm machinery. Must be spraying, but before 5 a.m.? The roar of the engine and flash of lights that rippled across our bedroom walls.I initially thought it was a plane landing in our side yard, and that frightened me because I wasn't really awake. Then I was awake and pulled myself out to bed to start the day. O rise and shine!

Had a stunning thought while drinking my first cup of coffee-- only six more weeks left of summer. Six more weeks to luxuriate. Six more weeks to plan time at my own pace. Six more weeks to read and paint and draw and write and garden and do as I please. Soon my life will resume the quick-step. Am I ready? Not sure. Will I be? Not sure. Will my summer repair carry me through the forthcoming months? Most likely. March, as in madness, hare, spring, is the pivotal month. If I can make it through March's revolving doors, I know I can do anything. Just need to be really healthy this year, which I'm working on. That's the other downfall, in the winter my physical activity wanes. I do a lot of walking and taking "extra" steps, but it's not the physical work of summer. My being curled up under a blanket reading, with occasional page turning and tea sipping and wiggling my toes is the extent of my winter activities.

But here's what's happening today:

Blueberry picking.
Bicycling in the park.
Working on my on-going projects.

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