Saturday, April 10, 2010

While you were away at AWP . . .

Geez, all the notes about AWP. . . Poets, you all need fainting couches. So many princes and princesses are suffering in Denver, who left the big pea under your mattresses? Who didn't?

Why did you go, if it's going to cause so much discomfort? The clue phone is ringing-- pick up. It's interesting to see how many PhDs just don't get it. For being intelligent people, you aren't that smart.

The only time I went to AWP, years ago in Albany, I had a grand time. I loved listening to the panel discussions and went to a lot of readings. First time, I heard Robert Wrigley and Sean Patrick Dougherty, among others. O wait, I remember John Montaigne's reading. He was a parade of drunk syllables, listing at the podium, with his shock of white hair.

And, I did go with someone I admire a great deal, she's an incredible poet,but needed to be in control of everything-- even driving my car. She told me when I could shower, go to sleep and eat. It was a very strange weekend marriage (Let me outta here-- by day 2), but hey, I hung in there. I didn't want to hurt her feelings. In the eye of her control stuff, she was vulnerable. So, I figured out a way to create some space for both of us, which worked out. ( This may be the secret to my marriage of nearly 33 years. I know how to get around things without kicking up too much dust.) That's what's humorous about the AWP posts, and yes,like a junkie, I'm reading them, wishing they would say something interesting-- not sniveling. Alas, the complaints read like geese stuck in a rainstorm. Okay, enough similes. Drink an egg for breakfast. I imagine some of you are quite hungover.

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