Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 6, 30X30

Woke up early,early this morning, the moon looks like a wedge of a blood orange. Have been puttering around, writing email responses (this could be a job in itself!) and getting ready for today because it's always today. Going to work with a kindergarten and second grade class before I'm off to work with my college classes. Today is the beginning of registration for Fall 2010. Nothing like living ahead of one's own shadow.

Recent poems accepted in The Raleigh Review and Tar River Poetry; story included in Six Sentences (print issue).

I'm on task with the 30X30:

Here are the titles thus far:

5. "Something Brief, But Bright"

4. "In Morning’s Darkness, The Rooster Crows"

3. "When There’s Nothing To Say"

2. "How It Happens"

1."Humoring Warhol and his Camera"

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