Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 3, 30X30

Wrote a decent poem today. Surprising how upset can fuel the imagination. I'm wearing red socks. I'm making a statement in these socks. I'm putting my feet to the fire, so to speak. I'm feeling quite feisty, so watch out.

Yesterday, my sister listened to me complain. She's a good sister. She listened to the whole story without saying "What?" once, which is really good, because I can't stand repeating myself, over and over again, which I have to do when I'm with her. I'm not sure if she can't hear me, or if she has trouble understanding what I'm saying. My stories are complicated, as if I'm speaking in the same way Henry James writes. Funny too, because my story is another kind of "turn of the screw."

After listening to my whole story, my sister looked at me and said: Friendship is overrated.

Once again, my sister has the last word. She makes me laugh, which made me feel better.

Remember this: kindness does not beget kindness. In fact, it encourages opportunistic people to take advantage of you. Be clear in what you do for others. If it's from your heart, then it's a gift. But, if you think you will receive equal kindness in some future, then you need to say it upfront that you expect kindness in kind. I grew up with the notion of people helping each other; but, for many, this notion isn't shared. It's all about them. It's terrible to find out how truly shallow they are. It's so disappointing. I expected more from them. I really thought they were better people-- real human beings. Not true. They're savages.

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