Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1st: 30X30 for Poetry Month

Decided to take up April's 30X30 challenge. Woke early this morning and wrote two small world poems. I think I should count this as 2 for 1. A decent start. Maybe this year I will cross the finishing line.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend. Warm weather today, and it's going to be warmer tomorrow-- close to 80 degrees, which may make everything pop, pop, pop. The peepers have been thrilling all day-- alive, alive. It makes me very lonesome. A sound I associate with my brother dying so many years ago. Everything awakening and his awakening to something else. I miss him.

The lake looked inviting today. Made me want to take a boat ride. Hundreds of hawks flying overhead, migrating East. Breath-taking watching them swirl on the wind's wheel-- sometimes thirty of them and in a sudden shift-- gone.

In three weeks the semester will be over. O the candles will burn late every night from now to then. So many papers to grade, and final exams, and general busyness.

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