Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Fell Off the Face of the Earth

I came down with a miserable cold/flu on 12/30/09 and slept right through to today. It's snowing double negatives outside. Below zero. Happy New Year ! I've been blog jumping, catching up on the moods in Blogville-- mostly cheerful stuff. No one is as sick as I have been these past few days, which must mean you have wisely stayed inside your houses. Not me. I went out with two of my grandchildren and inhaled a bunch of germs. Let's see, we went to a movie at the Strand Theatre in Brockport. Saw The Princess and the Frog. This was a bit uneven. Music wasn't as exciting as Little Mermaid, and the story was muddled with cross- current ambitions. It had a lot of loose threads in the narrative. And, we went to the Rochester Museum & Science Center and spent several hours there-- could have stayed longer, so much to do and see.

I took them to Lift Bridge Bookstore and they picked out some new books. Brigid bought her first mood ring. Jack bought some capsules that housed a variety of foam aircraft. He had fun watching them "grow" in front of his eyes; not quite as large as he imagined though.

The children left and I went to bed for four days. Feeling a bit better today. I should be inspired by all the plans everyone made while I was sleeping. Yesterday I watched a lot of cooking shows on PBS. Bean soup. It looked really good. I'm hoping we'll make it this week.

You should see all the snow. It's coming down like little arrows. Meghan is suppose to leave for NYC this morning. Maybe she'll wait a day, until this storm system passes. I think it will be a white knuckle drive all the way to the city. She finished a show last night and has decided to go to the city to audition, audition, audition. She's going to be in a production of the Vagina Monologues. Esler's work has become a tradition (end of January-beginning of February), at least eight years now, right? I think it's great that the shows' revenues across the country are donated to women organizations, shelters, and so on. So wherever you are, try to attend or support one of these shows. It's a very good cause.

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