Saturday, December 12, 2009

Picking up the dropped stitch

I was stunned to see the date of my last post. Since November 22, I've graded more than 90 critical papers, and I must say many of them were quite brilliant. Satisfying to read and think about, and know that they care about the topic as much as I do. That in itself is a real gift. The last week of semester was this week. I'm going to miss my classes. This week is marathon grading! Then God Rest our Weary Souls~ always love that feeling of exhaustion but my heart is glad.

On Thursday 12/10, I received a lovely letter from Fourth Genre, regarding an essay I sent them in August. They want me to consider doing a rewrite and resubmitting it. Hopefully, I'll be able to accomplish the revision over the holidays. This was a wonderful surprise because I immediately thought: Oh, too bad, form rejection. But it wasn't that at all. It was very specific in its directions/suggestions. So this is another gift, getting feedback from an editor.

I have some ideas floating in my head, but haven't had time to write lately. Soon. the writing time is coming, soon.

Mary Biddinger posted a challenge of 3 poems by the end of the year. Oh, I hope I can do it. Whenever we have those write a poem-every-day-of-the-month challenges, I always come up a bit short. Still, new poems are new poems are new poems.

There's a new bar on St Paul Street called Scotland Yards, just around the corner from the Water Street Music Hall. Has great food (sandwiches, oven pizzas, burgers, salads) and drink, and a cozy atmosphere. It could be the next Cheers. So if you're looking for a place where you can talk and eat and enjoy the people you're out with-- this is the spot. We've been there twice. First time with all of my oldest and dearest friends-- so much fun, and Peter and I returned on a Thursday night after class. That was perfect too. So, if you're near Rochester, think about this place, especially if you go to a concert at Water Street.

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