Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time: The extra hour to do so much catching up. I've always welcomed the "fall back" hour. So this is it, truly the end of autumn. This morning's sun is splashing everywhere. I love the way light fills up the trees, especially our sugar maples with bright yellow leaves. I have been working on a sequence of poems. With the lead poem giving me instruction with each revision.

We've been making large pots of applesauce all weekend. Putting up pints and quarts. Going to give some away. I love the way the pot lids burble in the making, the whisper of steam. We have an exception apple corer, which peels the apple and cores it; then slices rings perfectly.
Seeing all the jars and containers lined up on the counter makes me feel rich. I love sharing it with people who get a lot of pleasure out of it.

Planning a meal on wheels today, taking dinner to my oldest son's family. I've been wanting to see the children, but their schedule is so busy. I had hoped that they would have time to come visit and pick apples and go for a tractor ride, but they participate in ice hockey and have games
all weekend long. Too bad, it's a perfect day to come to the farm. Bright blue skies and sun, especially pleasant after a day of rain. So we're going there, which is 45 minutes away. This should be a whirlwind visit, but fun.

Yesterday, or maybe two days ago, I shared my shower with a blond spider, I saw it hanging on its silk, dangling from the shower ceiling, when I turn my back to the spray of warm water. At first, I was startled because it was suspended at eye level, but I didn't flail or freak, rather watched the spider yo-yo in front of me. Whenever it touched the ceiling, its body glowed, like a firefly's luminescence-- greenish-yellow-- emitting a little spark. Who knew? I would have been really startled if it had landed on my shoulder while I had my back to its descent. Not sure how I would feel about an unexpected spider massage.

That's all for now.

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