Monday, October 5, 2009

October: Awareness of the World

“There’s a sense in which poetry is not so much the writing of words as much as it is the movement of breath itself. To write it you must pay attention to the breathing of poetry, to all speech as breath, to the relationship of our thoughts and emotions and the actual way they fill our bodies. This is the emotional, physical centering of the activity of poetry.”

– Poet Robert Hass

This week focus on who you are where you are and why you are (write pro or con or both). The poem within the poem. The facade voice versus the actual voice. Roar or pip squeak. Challenge to write three poems (triad) that stand alone and together. What image word will be the "Hinge."

Brainstorm write at least 5 words under each column:

Landscape Emotion Colors Objects Verbs in Action

Use as many of the trigger words as you like in your poem.

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