Saturday, October 10, 2009

Art, Music, Email, Apples

Yesterday, I went to Fisher for meetings and had a lively and invigorating art conversation with two of my faculty members about the upcoming Paint Made Flesh exhibit. Soon it will be on display at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY. I'm taking my Encounters class to see the show. This exhibit is going to be BIG, as in the size of the canvases and the consequence (range of emotions) found in these paintings.

Here's a NPR link:

If you go to this site, you can click on one of the images and see the slide show of 13 paintings in the exhibit.

After meetings I had to go to the RPO ticket office and swap tickets because they sent me the wrong date for my class! Imagine my eyeballs bugging out and rolling on my desk when I realized this! All is well. Made the exchange of tickets, pronto! We're going to the RPO concert celebrating the recent Van Cliburn winner Haochen Zhang. He's nineteen and a stunning pianist. I can't wait.

Here's a link of

Haochen Zhang - Bach BWV 848


Then I went and spent some sister time with my sisters. My oldest sister Andrea has been here since Monday. She arrived on an early, early morning flight, and has been hanging out at the lake house (My sister Karen's house), reading and relaxing. I was so glad to get there (finally) yesterday afternoon and I stayed until 9 p.m. We laughed a lot. Conversations bounced from what happened then to what's happening now. We're going to be together today too.


I have my papers graded and handed back, so I'm up to date in all of my classes. Midterms this week. Hard to believe it's mid-semester. Received a lovely email from a young woman in B.C. Canada who is studying creative nonfiction and using Short Takes, an anthology edited by Judith Kitchen. The class has been studying my essay "Daylight Savings Time" and she has been reading and rereading it, and decided to write me to talk about it. So sometime this weekend, most likely Sunday, I will sit down and write her a letter, and hopefully answer her questions.


The apples are ready to be picked. Yesterday, before traveling to Fisher, I walked into our little orchard and picked some golden delicious apples for the road(these apples are so yum). I love biting into apples, and how they shake up your mouth. So much better than chewing gum. I ate one on the way to school. The 45 minute ride can be long, either way, and having apples in the car can save me from low blood sugar. So I made a good choice by getting the apples before leaving. However, my shoes were totally soaked from the morning dew, and consequently wet the whole day long.

I hope it's a sunny day today. I've been up for hours and daylight is just coming on.

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