Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Definition of Break, Brake

An eventful weekend: my youngest son broke his ankle in his last rugby match of the season. This is going to take 4-6 weeks to heal and may jeopardize his snowboarding trip out west, as well as countless other things he has planned right now. No doubt, he will hobble through this. I'm hoping he will make a speedy recovery. It's not the break, but the tendon damage that worries me. That kind of injury takes time . . . We went to an urgent care facility (Doc in a Box) and it was terrific care. So glad we didn't go to the emergency room. We'd probably still be there. As it was, the urgent care had its share of flu patients. Interesting too, it was very, very old patients and mini munchkins who were sick with the flu. So those two groups mush be the most vulnerable. Students are now starting to get sick. But it isn't flu. Mono, bronchitis, pneumonia. The coughs have been "seal barks," which has unhinged some of the students who are sitting "too close." I try not to think of the spray of germs and how invasive they are. Yuck!

Wrote a poem last week and ruined it. Worse than burned spinach. Hit delete. Yet some of the phrases still swirl in my head, tempting me to pick them up and start over with images that won't leave me. And it's actually leaves-- bright yellow leaves. Big basswood leaves(the size of plates) and maple leaves-- glow in the dark, especially when the moonlight strikes them . . .

I've been looking at everything as if it were a diorama-- small dramas contained within the hollow stump of a tree, the swirl of moss on rocks, the way the land moves in open space and how it rises up in the city, trying to make sense of it. The grid I live in or outside of, depending on the hour and my willingness to conform.

You should hear the rascal voice in my head. The one that encourages me to give it a go, which is very youthful and doesn't know when to stop. I want to stop for a bit. Just take it in, without
any judgment, just be-- somehow filled up by being would work for me right now. I need turtle medicine. Do you know what I mean? I need to get lost in a stare's daydream. Yeah, that's it.

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