Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1st. Where is the Sun?

Woke up this morning and the farmhouse is cold. Brrr. It was an extremely busy weekend. I took my sister Karen to the W&B Gala, and she made me laugh the whole night. We bought raffle tickets, and I won a gift certificate to a restaurant on Park Avenue, which is a very hip neighborhood in Rochester. (This will come in handy after teaching a summer school session!) During the drawings, she nearly torn up her tickets with every number called. She said it was a bad night of BINGO. She's so funny.

The awards were lovely, but the auditorium was so warm. I thought I was turning into pancake batter. Julia Glass won the sense of place award. She was so charming in her acceptance speech and Q&A. K and I wanted to be friends with her. She lives in a small town by the sea in Massachusetts. Sounds perfect.

I was so glad to be there, to celebrate the other honorees, especially Wendy Low and Len Messineo.
Highlight was a little boy from School 12 named Darius who gave a Frederick Douglass speech. Amazing.


On Friday, Waiting for Lefty was an exciting staged reading. Again, a warm room situation, but I wasn't reduced to batter. I sat next to an adorable 4th grader whose uncle was one of the actors. Because the audience was part of the play's setting as a union meeting, the little boy joined right in with the actors' shout outs and songs. At the end of the performance, I told him that he could be an actor too. He said, Naw, I'm going save that for later.

I hope Working Class Theatre continues with these staged readings and future full performances.
I really like the artistic director Sandy Nagar. He's very talented.


On Sunday, I resisted doing work that needed to be done. Instead, I finished knitting a scarf and wrote a new poem. Have an idea for a play, which came to me in that hot auditorium. Now to make the commitment and write it.


Want to go see PUSH at GeVA Theatre. They are an amazing dance troupe. Have to buy the tickets soon. They are both lyrical and muscular in the way they interpret narrative. I had wanted to take my Encounters class to see them in the Spring semester, but they changed the performance dates to this month.


Presently, my one reality interest is So YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (Dance, Dance, Dance).
I've watched this show for several years now. I usually watch American Idol too. However, I didn't see all the AI shows this year because of work. So I read Collin Kelley's blog for the update, which was a very entertaining read. I was surprised by the results. But, I'm not sure if there really is an exclusive winner, because the top contestants always do well after the show.
So it's really a win, win, win.


I want to go fishing. This summer, I'm going to do that. Sit on the bank of Sandy Creek and fish.
Haven't been fishing in so long. Need to make my to do list, before summer just ambles by.

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  1. The sun is with us, here in the Northwest if you can believe it. We've had a week of 70 and 80 degree weather! Very unusual for us!