Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogsville . .. Hello, are you there?

A week ago, I posted a note on Eduardo Corral's blog because he's in residence at VCCA.
My note to him was caught in a crossfire of conversation about publishing. I read the crossfire because I wanted to hear back from Eduardo. Geez, you even get cut off in blogsville.

I want to stir the pot a bit(on Publishing):

This has happened to me more than once. Whenever I send work to a journal, I always send what I believe is my best work. It doesn't matter if it's a boutique journal, or ezine, or university, or national, or international. That said, I HAVE sent work to editors(poets) I know in the Rochester area and have been rejected more than once just because they CAN reject me. I think the rejection was suppose to teach me a lesson (I must be a slow learner) or put me in my place. Of course, I was disappointed by their decision. ( It's very much like not getting picked to play on the home team.) But instead of folding my hands, I sent the poems back out to be accepted later in Poetry, New Letters, The Pennsylvania Review, and so on. I told them about it, in an oh, by the way, and my news basically drained the color from their cheeks, which was wicked on my part; but hey, I grew up playing sand lot baseball. Their reply was: "What do we know?"

It's that curious dilemma of "you can't go home." If they hadn't rejected me, I wouldn't have been accepted in those other journals and reviews. Maybe they did me a favor, yes?

Now these many years later, a local journal has made a call: Is the lyric dead? I'm not going to send my essay because the editor WILL reject me. Instead I will post my thoughts here in a bit. Do you have any thoughts on this? I open it up to my virtual home team.

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