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M.J. Iuppa's Amazing CV (Curriculum Vitae) Revised 6/21

M. J. Iuppa 937 Moscow Road Hamlin, New York 14464 585-964-7215

EDUCATION: MFA, Creative Writing, 2006 Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma Washington Within Reach, a collection of poetry

MA Creative Writing, 2000 State University of New York, College at Brockport, Brockport, New York Night Traveler and Other Work, poetry, creative nonfiction, play wrighting

BA in English Literature, Journalism and Media Studies, 1976 State University of New York, Empire State College GVLC, Rochester, New York

Writer-in-Residence, English Department, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York, 1999 to 2015.
Creative Writing Lecturer, English Department, St John Fisher College, Rochester, New York, 2015-present.
Director of the Arts Minor, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York, Spring, 2004 to present.
Adjunct Instructor, English Department, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York, 1997-1999.
Adjunct Instructor, SUNY Brockport, Brockport, New York, 2002-present.
Poetry Adviser for The New York State Foundation of the Arts (NYFA), four year term (Fall 2007-2012).
NYS Fair Poetry Judge, Adult and Youth Categories, 2015, 2016

RESIDENCIES and Profession Development Workshops:
Writer-in-Residences in Elementary and Secondary Schools for the following agencies:
Memorial Art Gallery, 2002 to present.
Young Audience, 1997 to 2010.
Writers & Books, 1986 to present.
Project U.N.I.Q.U.E. and the Rochester City School District, 1993 to present.
Genesee Valley BOCES, 1994 to present.
Newark-Finger Lakes BOCES, 1993 to present.
BOCES 2, 1999 to present.

Summer Scholars held at SUNY Geneseo, grades 9-12, sponsored by Genesee Valley BOCES, 1994 to 2003.

Wriiers & Books, Adult Creative Writing Courses, 1986-present.
Writers & Books, SummerWrite, creative writing camp for children, 1990 to present.
Writers & Books, One day information seminars on the “nuts & bolts” of publishing, 1990 to present.
Danforth Recreational Center, “Wordcrafters” Senior Citizens, on-going Creative Writing Workshop, 1994-1997.
One Day Poetry Workshops at St. Bonaventure University, 1994 and 1996.


Writing In Rochester Award, A Teacher of Writing for Adults Who Has Impacted The Creation And Appreciation Of Literature In Rochester, Writers & Books, 1996.
Writing in Rochester Award for an individual making a significant contribution to Writers & Books, 2004
Big Pencil Award for an individual who has made lifelong contributions to Rochester’s literary community, Writers & Books, 2015.
NYS Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching, 2017
Student nominated Teaching Excellence Award, St. John Fisher College, 2017
Student nominated Teaching Excellence Award, The College at Brockport, 2018 and 2019.
Part-Time Faculty Award For Teaching Excellence, St. John Fisher College, 1999-2000.
Father Dorsey Award, St. John Fisher College, 2000-2001 and 2002-2003.
Monroe County Legislature, Certificate of Recognition, April, 2003.
St. John Fisher College. Student Government Association, Outstanding Adviser, HM, Spring 2014.
St. John Fisher College, Student Government Association, Outstanding Adviser, Spring 2008.
St. John Fisher College, Student Government Association, Outstanding Adviser, Spring 2007.

Readings and Workshops:
Reading at Before Your Quiet Eyes Bookstore in promotion of just released 3rd full length poetry collection, Small Worlds Floating (Cherry Grove Collections, 2016) September 2016
Valley Manor Book Club, facilitator for Wonder Garden by M Acampora, May2016 and Huckleberry Finn by M. Twain June 2016.
GO ART! Poetry reading, Albion Hoag Library, June 2016
PD RCSD, Grief and Loss Workshop, May 2016
Reading celebrating, Brief Encounters: A Collection of Contemporary Nonfiction, edited by Judith Kitchen and Dinah Lenney (Norton, 2015), and the life of writer and teacher, Judith Kitchen, November, 2015 Women in Music Festival, Eastman School of Music, 10th Anniversary, March, 2014
PD Poetry Workshop Kendall Elementary School, March 2014
PD RCSD, Grief and Loss Workshop, May 2014
PD Consortium Workshop at BOCES 2 on Personal Narrative, May, 2014
Reading Genesee Reading Series, Writers & Books, September 2014
Magic Words, Magic Rain, children’s poetry program, Fringe, September, 2014
PD Consortium Workshop at BOCES 2 on Personal Narrative, September, 2014
Reading at Valley Manor, October, 2014
Reading and Workshop at Villa Maria College, April, 2013
Reading Genesee Reading Series, Writers & Books, Launch of Between Worlds chapbook May 2013.
Reading at Barnes & Noble, Just Poets, June 2013
Reading and Workshop at Albion Library, June 2013
Reading Visual Studies Bookfair, September, 2013.
Reading, A Different Path Art Gallery, September, 2013
Reading in Fringe Festival, Writers and Books, Chain Gang Project, September, 2013.
Wonder Workshop, Just Poets Retreat, Gell Center, October, 2013.
Reading and Workshop, SUNY Brockport, Writers Forum, February 2012
Reading, St. John Fisher College, with Poet John Roche, February 2012
Reading, Hallwalls, Buffalo New York, Gray Hair Poetry Series, March 2012
Reading and Class Presentation, SUNY Potsdam, April 2012.
Reading and Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop, Olean New York, Public Library, May 2012.
Reading, The Cazenovia Counterpoint Summer Festival. July 2012.
Reading, The Shoe Factory Art Co op "Crow Show" August 2012.
Reading. Writers & Books/JGK Gallery Poetry & Art Collaboration, September 2012

Workshop at Olean LibraryMay,2012
Reading and Workshop at SUNY Potsdam, April, 2012
Reading at NeMLA confernence, March, 2012
Reading at SUNY Brockport, Writers Forum February, 2012
Reading and Workshop, University of Pennsylvania, Altoona, March,2011
Reading and Workshop, Monroe Community College, April, 2011
Reading at The Little Theatre, September 2011
Reading and Workshop, Albion Library, September, 2011

Reading at Books ETC in Macedon NY, July 2010
Reading at Writers & Books, Genesee Reading Series, November 2010
Reading and Workshop at Wells College, November 2010
Reading and Workshop at R.I. T. December 2010

Better Day Buddies program, poetry workshops, working with children in Outpatient Cancer treatment, sponsored by Strong Memorial Hospital and Young Audiences, beginning 2008 to Summer 2009.
Winter Wheat Festival of Writing at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. November 12-14, 2009 presented a writing workshop on Postcards, Paragraphs, Prose Poems and Brief Lyrical Non-Fiction.
Winter Wheat Festival of Writing, at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. November 13-16, 2008 presented a writing workshop on persona poetry.
Winter Wheat Festival of Writing, at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. November 8-10, 2007 presented a writing workshop on the lyric essay.
RCSD, professional development, collegiate learning circle at School 39. A series of writing workshops, once a month from November 2007-January 2008.
Project U.N.I.Q.U.E., professional development, School 42 and Leary Elementary, Rush Henrietta, NY, Winter- Spring 2008. School 33 and 42, Spring 2011.
BOCES 2, professional development, strategies to read and teach poetry, elementary and middle schools, 2008.
BOCES 2, professional development, strategies to read and teach poetry, Gates-Chili, elementary and middle school faculty; Kendall elementary school, 2007.

Publications in 2019

“(Un)resolved” The Pangolin Review, January, 2019
“May Life Be Kind While It Lasts” Blue Heron Review February, 2019
“For a Glimpse of the Sea” Amethyst Review (UK), January 11th, 2019
“Fighting Death” Amethyst Review (UK), February 18th, 2019
“With and Without” Amethyst Review (UK), March 23rd, 2019
“Nothing” Blueline 40th Anniversary Edition, Spring, 2019
“The End in Sight,” “these woods” (couplet) and “slow moving fog” (haiku) The Bamboo Hut, February 2019.
“The Lopsided Ticking of Dali’s Clocks” The Ekphrastic Review, January, 2019
“What Can I Spare?” Subterranean Blue Poetry, upcoming issue in 2019-2020
“The Kiss” Quill and Parchment, February, 2019
“One Breath— ” Clementine Unbound March, 2019
“Look Up, Slowly” (Haibun) Plum Tree Tavern, February, 2019
“Soap: Snow” Third Wednesday, June, 2019
“Once, Removed” Tiny Spoon Literary Magazine, 2019
“Waiting on the Edge of the Invisible” and “Distance between Stars” Red Eft Review, March 2019
“Thinking of A Cure for Cancer after Looking at Thousands of Eyeless Fish Wash Up on a New Zealand Beach” Otoliths (Australia), March, 2019
“Given a Life to Spend” Amethyst Review (UK), March, 2019
“Purple Finch at the Garden Feeder” Amethyst Review (UK), April, 2019
“Garden’s End” The Lake (UK), April, 2019
“End of Winter” Eunoia Review (Singapore) April, 2019
“Paperwhites” Poppy Road Review, April 2019
“The Many Weathers in Everyday Skies” Front Porch Review, July, 2019
“Echo” 8 Poems, 2019
“Crossing Borders” and “On This Side of the Horizon” Burning House Press, 2019
“Aperture” Eunoia Review, July 2019
“Seeing the Sunrise” Red Eft Review, July 2019
“Strandhill Beach in May” The Blue Nib (Ireland) December, 2019
“How It Is” Amethyst Review, August, 2019
“No Small Thing” (prose poem) The Eunoia Review (Singapore), October, 2019
“Morning, Listening to that Faint Thunder” Nine Muses Poetry (UK), January, 2020
“Transparencies” One Sentence Poems, November, 2019
“In Flight” and “The Precision of the Second Hand” Amethyst Review (UK) Nov/Dec, 2019
“Everyday Gestures” and Something Run Through My Blood” Red Eft Review, December, 2019
“Sleepwalking in the Season of Wind” Black Poppy Review, December, 2019
“Far flung net, “Old sled guards the entrance,” “Sleigh bells hang” (Haiku) The Bamboo Hut, December, 2019
“What Will Be Left, in Leaving” Freshwater Literary Journal, 2020

“Over (cast)” A Story in 100 Words, January, 2019
“Snow” A Story in 100 Words, January, 2019
“(Re)do” Grey Sparrow Journal, February, 2019
“The Hold-up” A Story in 100 Words, February, 2019.
“She Looked on the Bright Side” A Story in 100 Words, July, 2019
“She Can’t Settle Down” Milk Candy Review, November/December, 2019
“5 Dollar Milkshake” Synaresis Arts and Poetry, (Canada) December 2019
“We All Have Many Choices” and “Impatiens,”Otoliths, (Australia)2019
“She Says,” Lost Balloon, 2019
“(Re)cycling” City. River. Tree. Spring 2020.
“On A Foot Bridge Too Narrow” Black Poppy Review, December, 2019

CNF Essays

“The Orchard” Nature Writing, February, 2019
“Hair(cut)” Eunoia Review (Singapore), March, 2019
“Mirage” Otoliths (Australia) March, 2019
“Particulars” and “Stonewalls” Otoliths (Australia) July, 2019
“Lost Balloon” Eunoia Review, August 2019
“Care (Cure)” Snapdragon, A Journal of Art and Healing, 2019
“No One Knows I’m Here” Eunoia Review, January, 2020

Nominations, Awards
“Cry, Baby” Lost Balloon nominated for the Best Microfiction Anthology, 2019
“Cry, Baby” Lost Balloon nominated for Best of the Net 2019

“The Orchard” essay in Land and Territory Anthology, November, 2019

Finitude, a micro-chapbook, Origami Poems Project, February, 2019

Publications in 2018:

“Soft Green & Petal White” Tar River Poetry, Fall, 2018
“It Won’t be Long,” “One Shot,” Coming Home Late,” and “This Brief Spell” Eunoia Review, January, 2018.
“How Do You Imagine Yourself” Clementine Unbound, February, 2018
“Along the Way” and “Human, Somehow” Foxglove Journal, January 2018
“Cast Adrift” Red Eft Review, January 2018
"Parable of the Cricket" and "Deep Cold of Winter" Quail Bell Magazine, January 2018
“Everything Turns Away” Plum Tree Tavern, February 2018
“Space” Ink in Thirds, May/June issue, 2018
“Staying in a Cabin in the Woods in Bristol, NY” Blueline May/June 2018
“What I haven’t Said” Night Garden Journal February, 2018
“Where I Live” Little River, March 2018
“winter’s foggy gloom” (haiku) Three Line Poetry, Issue 48, March, 2018
“No Promises to Keep” Eunoia Review, April 2018
“you sleep” (haiku) Haikuniverse, March, 2018
“Standing in the Woods” Plum Tree Tavern, March 2018
“Staring Straight at Me” The Ekphrastic Review, March 2018
“Spring Riddle” and “Icarus Girl” The Lake (UK) June 2018
Triolet,“Things Are Not Always What They Seem” Poetry Leaves, Waterford Library (Michigan) poetry project, May 2018
“Nothing Wakes Me” Red Eft Review, May 2018
“Poet’s Garden” The Front Porch Review, July, 2018
“May Life Be Kind White It Lasts” Blue Heron Review February, 2019
“To Destination” One Sentence Poems, Right Hand Pointing, July, 2018
“Nevertheless,” “Summer Sequel,” and “That Shade of Purple” Wild Word, Deep Summer issue, August, 2018.
“A Curve in the Road” The Amethyst Review (UK), September 2018.
Haiku: “fields at sunset” Haikuinverse, August 2018
“En Plein Air” Plum Tree Tavern, 2018
“Disturbing You” and “Arriving by Tomorrow” Third Wednesday, September, 2918
“I Saw You Crying in the Church,” “Beyond Peripheries,” “Perspective,” and “Keeping Watch” Mediterranean Poetry, August, 2018.
“The One Ray of the Lowering Sun” and “The Cool Light of a Late Summer Morning” Poppy Road Review, August 2018
“In Other Words” Eunoia Review, October 2018
“Harvest” Clementine Unbound, October, 2018
“Sun(flowers)” Red Eft Review, October, 2018
“Finitude,” “In a Silent Way,” and “Plain and Simple” Amethyst Review, October-November, 2018
“Otherwise” Front Porch Review, November 2018
“Perennial” Nature Writing, November 2018
“We Walked Along the Lake” The Orchards Poetry Journal, December, 2018.
“At the Edge of Sight” Plum Tree Tavern, November, 2018
“In This Hour” The Tiger Moth Review, December, 2018
“(Un)resolved” The Pangolin Review, January, 2019
“Tensions” The Eunoia Review, December, 2018
“End of the Season” Night Garden Journal, December, 2018
“For a Glimpse of the Sea” Amethyst Review, January 11th, 2019
“Fighting Death” Amethyst Review, February 18th, 2019
“With and Without” Amethyst Review, March 23rd, 2019
“Nothing” Blueline 40th Anniversary Edition, Spring 2019
“Every Hour Hurts in Fall” and “Hungry for Sweeter Fare,” Burning House Press, December, 2018
“Free to Go” and “The Weight of Dried Beans,” Red Eft Review, December 2018.
“The Metaphysics of Crossword Puzzles,” The Eunoia Review, January, 2019.

“Without a Trace” Jellyfish Review, January, 2018
“Use(less),” “Pantomime,” and “Arrangement in Black and White, with Red Lights,” Otoliths, January, 2018.
“Take Out,” “Heaven,” and “Unseen Eye,” Postcard Poems and Prose, January, 2018.
“Unfathomable” Eunoia Review, January, 2018
“Bananas” Eunoia Review, February, 2018
“Cry, Baby” Lost Balloon, March 2018
“Part Seen, Part Imagined,” “Handling It,” and Enough is Enough,” Otoliths, March, 2018
“Faith, Healer,” “Lost Baggage” and “The Sun and the Tomato” Eunoia Review, May, 2018
“Fairy Tale” Night Garden Journal, May 2018
“Hurry” Eunoia Review, June, 2018.
“Muse (They/Them)” Grey Sparrow Journal, July 2018
“Wish (Want),” “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” and “Tea Party” Otoliths, July, 2018
“Good Luck” and “Interrogation” Eunoia Review, August, 2018.
“Another Time” Dime Show Review, September, 2018
“Silent Movie,” “If, Only,” and “Summer Night ” Otoliths, November, 2018
Fast Food. Bean Burritos. Jet Propulsion. Six Word Story, November, 2018
“Real Talk’ and “Beyond the Self” Synaeresis Arts & Poetry, Issue 5, December, 2018.

Creative Nonfiction
“Foreheads, Pressing” Otoliths, January, 2018.
“Season of Ceremony” Nature Writing, June, 2018
“X Marked the Spot” Ovunque Siamo, September, 2018
“Postcards” Ovunque Siamo, November, 2018

"Gray Sea, Gray Ship, Floating " The Fear of Us All, Cherry House Press, 2018
“Between Worlds” Feminine Rising anthology, Cynren Press, 2018
“Coffee (break)” World Enough Writers, Coffee Poems Anthology, Fall/Winter, 2018.

Nominations, Awards
“Cry, Baby” Lost Balloon nominated for the Best Microfiction Anthology, 2019

“Returning, Home” poetry review, Alicia Hoffman’s Railroad Phoenix (Kelsay Books, 2017), The Lake (UK), April, 2018.
“ ‘Small Worlds’ Reckoning” poetry poetry review, J.R. Solonche’s In Short Order (Kelsay Books, 2018) The Lake (UK) August, 2018

Publications in 2017

“The Family Called Apple” The Ekphrastic Review: writing and art on art and writing, January, 2017.
“After the Night Rain” Grey Sparrow Journal, January, 2017
“No Need to Wonder” Third Wednesday. A Literary and Art Journal, 2017
“Ontario” Silver Birch Press, ME, AT 17 Poetry & Prose Series. February, 2017
“The Art of Empty” Freshwater Literary Journal, May, 2017
“Next Time” and “Doesn’t Everything Mean Something” Eunoia Review, April, 2017
"On her wet cheek' Quatrain.Fish, March 2017
“Rock and Keep,” “Counting by Twos” and “Apple and Oranges” Quill and Parchment, May 2017
“Spring Approaches” Poppy Road Review, April 2017
“Moth Orchid” Blue Heron Review, July 2017
“One Mind” Front Porch Review, July 2017
“Weathering” Red Eft Review, May 2017
“Espresso” Right Hand Pointing, May 2017
“The Gloom of April” and “A Sky Full of Shadowy Beasts” Eunoia Review, May 2017
“under leaf’s shade” (Haiku) Haiku Presence (UK), June, 2017
“magnolia” (Haiku) Haikuniverse, May 2017
“Rough-Hewn Stones, a Wall at the Top of the Field,” Clementine Unbound, June 2017
“Old Orchard” Nature Writing, June, 2017
“Real Places” Plum Tree Tavern, June, 2017
“The Girl I Was” The Ekphrastic Review, June 2017
“Amaryllis” and “Hardship and Rest” The Literary Nest, July, 2017
“Good Faith” Muddy River Poetry Review, September, 2017
“Out(side)” Plum Tree Tavern, July, 2017
"A Pot-Bound Begonia and Three Pears" South Florida Poetry Journal, August, 2017
“Hats, hanging” Eunoia Review, September 2017
“Let’s Blame It On Mother” Red Eft Review, September 2017
“Afternoon Fugue” Poppy Road Review, August, 2017
‘Myth-making” Foxglove Journal, September, 2017
“Tango Nuevo” The Sandy River Review, September, 2017
“Hawthorn Tree” Scarlet Leaf Review (Canada) October, 2017
“Soft Green & Petal White” Tar River Poetry, Spring, 2018
“Tucked inside . . .a snail sleeps” Haikuniverse, September, 2017
“What Will You Have?” Right Hand Pointing, November, 2017
“A Break in the Weather” Eunoia Review, October, 2017
“Restless,” “Between Curiosity and nakedness,” and “ Turquoise . . .” Third Wednesday, December 2017
“Geode” Nature Writing, October, 2017
“How to Find One’s True Voice” and “Reflection on the Opposite” Black Poppy Review, November, 2017
“It Won’t be Long,” “One Shot,” Coming Home Late,” and “This Brief Spell” Eunoia Review, January, 2018.
“How Do You Imagine Yourself” Clementine Unbound, February, 2018
“Along the Way” and “Human, Somehow” Foxglove Journal, January 2018

“Stealing, Freely” and “Burgers and Pies” The Jellyfish Review, May, 2017
“Report If There Is Something Wrong,” “Sidekick” and “Hey, Let’s Have A Drink” The Eunoia Review, February, 2017
“Getting Serious” and “Singular Verb Matches Singular Subject” Otoliths, February, 2017.
“An Essential Still Life,” So, Sew,” “Unblinking,” and “Far from Perfect” Scarlet Leaf Review, March, 2017.
“Look, Away” Dime Show Review, March 2017
“Charade” Synaeresis Arts +Poetry, (Canada) April, 2017
“The Catch,” “A Facial Mask Can Set You Free from Misery,” and “Playoff” Otoliths, June 2017.
"Foxgloves" and "A Perfect Day" VIA: Voices In Italian Americana, Fall 2017
“Without a Trace” Jellyfish Review, January, 2018
“Bad Luck” Grey Sparrow Journal, August, 2017
“She Was a Good Listener” Corvus Review, Fall, 2017
“Transparencies” Sandy River Review, October, 2017

CNF Essays:
“Open Suitcase” Writing in A Woman’s Voice, May, 2017
“Season of Ceremony” Eunoia Review, June, 2017
“Rush/Rash” Nature Writing, July, 2017
“Uncle” Bad Pony Review, November, 2017

Origami Poetry Project accepted “Everyday, Relief” micro-chapbook February, 2017

Mother’s Anthology, edited by Sueann Wells, “Lesson,” an essay. May 2017.
“Reflection behind Reflection” Le Mot Juste, May 2017
“Next Time” Poets Speak Anthology, Volume 5: Walls edited by John Roche, May 2017
“Secondhand,” included in NOTHING SHORT OF: SELECTED TALES FROM 100 WORD STORY, Outpost19 Books, Spring 2018.
“Think of an Egg” Lyric essay, Compassion Anthology edited by Laurette Folk, Jennifer Martelli, Jennifer Jean, and Jill Slaymaker, Fall 2017
“Face to Face” and “Where I Live” in the anthology, Like Light: 25 Years of Poetry & Prose, Bright Hill Press, December , 2017, edited by Bertha Rogers.

Publications In 2016

Poems: “It Hardly Seems Worth It” Postcard Poems & Prose, 2016
“Reprieve” Eunoia Review, March, 2016
“Without Force” and “Just the Same” The Notebook, 2016
“Something, which is” Poetry Pacific, November, 2016
“Another, New Year” One Sentence Journal, February, 2016
“Night of the Full Moon” Jellyfish Whispers, 2016
“One Apple Among Many” Dead Snakes, February, 2016
“How Do You Stop Her?” Dead Snakes, February, 2016
“Roots and All” Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing, March, 2016
“unzipped duffle bag” senryu, haikuniverse, February, 2016
“Harmony and Beauty” Whiskey and Armchairs, 2016
“He Didn’t Intend To Get Close,” “Off-Kilter,” “A Modest Proposal” Scarlet Leaf Review, 2016
“Downwind” and “With(out)” The Literary Nest, 2016
“Were We Sad in the Beginning?”“Take this Walking Stick “Black Elephant, 2016
“Everyday Eccentrics” and “Warning Signs” Eunoia Review, May 2016
“Tailspin” Poppy Road Review, March, 2016
“Looking into the Distance” South Florida Poetry Journal, 2016
“Bewildered” Plum Tree Tavern, April, 2016
“To Know and Yet Not” and “Instant of Impact” dead snakes, April 2016
“Spring Survey” Front Porch Review, July, 2016
“The Root Cellar” Poppy Road Review, May, 2016
“A Stone’s Throw” and “East River Ferry” Muddy River Poetry Review, Fall 2016
“The Safe Distance of a Window” Poetry Quarterly, Summer, 2016
“Glancing Out the Window” One Sentence, Summer 2016
“No Place Special” Plum Tree Tavern, Summer, 2016
“air, faintly” haiku in haikuniverse, July 2016
“Looking the Other Way” Lines +Stars, Summer, 2016
“Song” Algebra of Owls, (UK) 2016
“Looking into the Distance” Avocet, Fall 2016
“Carousing” Plum Tavern Review, October 2016
“(In) visible,” Algebra of Owls, (UK) 2016
“Everyday” Front Porch Review, 2016
“More Than I Know,” “Just So You Know You’re There,” and “This Little Thing” in Eunoia Review, November 2016
“Someone or Another” Black Poppy Review, December 2016
Creative Nonfiction (lyric, memoir, topic)
“e-Motion” Otoliths, February, 2016
“Have a Stick on Me” Punchnel’s, 2016
“The Truth be Told” Eunoia Review, April, 2016
“Seeds” Poppy Road Review, February, 2016
“Vigil” Inkstain Press, April 2016
“Alphabet” Los Angeles Review of Books, Summer, 2016
“Open Suitcase” Eunoia Review, July, 2016
“Garlic Redux” Eunoia Review, September, 2016
“One Potato, Two Potato: The Scarlet Leaf Review” Canada, October 2016

“This Thirst” Secrets & Dreams Anthology, Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2016
“Collage” Le Mot Juste, 2016.
“Kindness,”a finalist in Origami Poems Project poetry contest, and included in Best of Kindness, 2016
“Sea Nettle” Tranquility Anthology, Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2016
“Look there”cinquain Birdsong Anthology, Foothills Press, 2016
“Witness & Fast Food” Fast Food Anthology, Main Street Rag, forthcoming in 2017

“Were We Sad in the Beginning?” Black Elephant, 2016
“Trail Mix,” Postcard Shorts, July 2016
“Whether or Not” Inside the Bell Jar, (UK) Fall 2016
“Passing Lane” 100 Word Story, February 2017

Fourth Full-length Poetry Collection This Thirst accepted by Aldrich Press.

Publications in 2015:

“Why We Didn’t Have More Time Together” and “Resistance” Poetry Pacific, May 2015
“And, or it is &, then” Right Hand Pointing, March 2015
“(It Doesn’t Matter What Happened)” H_NGM_N, April 2015
“Hard to Forget . . .” Eunoia Review, April 2015
“What Words Would Do?” and “Not Spring But Nearly Spring,” The Corvus Review, March 2015
“Before Darkness Comes” Silver Birch Press, Where I Live, Poetry and Photography Series, February 2015
“Gray Sea, Gray Ship, Floating” Clementine Poetry Journal, April 2015.
“Let This Be Enough” Tar River Poetry, Fall 2015
“Delta” Elohi Gadugi Journal, March 2015
“What Held Her Back? ” (prose poem) Postcard Poems & Prose Linen Magazine, March 2015
“Forethought” Festival Writer, April 2015
“Witness & Fast Foods” and “Where I Stand” (haibun) In-Flight Literary Magazine, April 2015.
“Promise of Spring” and “Dark Wind” River Poets Journal, April 2015
“We Stopped at Onondaga Lake before Coming Home,” Eunoia Review, July 2015
“Wishful Thinking,” “Sundial,” “Wheel of Fortune,” and “Last Day of Lent” Miller’s Pond, April 2015
“The Berries and the Tree,” “Short Circuit to Spring” (1st place, contest winner), and ”Waiting for Commencement” The Literary Nest, April, 2015
“Standing on Top of a Skyscraper . . .” and “So It Comes to This” Poppy Road Review, April 2015
“On The Day I Was Born” Allegro Poetry Magazine (UK) May 2015
“With(out)” and “Last Intention” When Women Waken, Being Anthology, Fall, 2015
“Anther Spring’s Twilight” When Women Waken, Wildlife Anthology, Summer, 2015.
“What You left Behind” and “So Many Layers of Gray” dead snakes, May 2015.
“Origami” and “Dark Wind” Poetry Northern Ireland, February 2016.
Haiku “scent of wool. . .” Akitus Quarterly, Fall 2015
“Morning’s Litany” Jellyfish Whispers, July 2015
“I Am Happy To Be Standing Here” Front Porch Review, July 2015
“Capsized” Front Porch Review, October 2015
Haiku “blank note page” cattails, Fall 2015
“Cornerstone Café” Poetry Quarterly, August 2015
“Rain” Plum Tree Tavern July 2015
“For A Split Second” Clementine Poetry Journal, October 2015.
“Finches” cinquain, “ Stones” cinquain and “ Ragged sleep” englyn, Plum Tree Tavern, August 2015
“Par Avion” Plum Tree Tavern, September 2015
“The Watercolorist’s Reflection” Avocet, October, 2015
“Another Selfie” Eunoia Review, November 2015
“Nothing Can Be Done” Bouganvillea Road Review, September, 2015
“Nothing Ever Dies” Grey Sparrow Press, October, 2015
“End of Summer” in Plum Tavern Review, October, 2015

“Not Nearly Near Enough to Save”and “How Much Did Brahms Know About Pulling Strings?” in Fredericksburg Literary Review, November 2015.
“Seeing Mountains” Re/Verse, November 2015.
“Capsided” Plum Tavern Review, November, 2015.
“The Uncertainty of Winter” Plum Tavern Review December, 2015.
“Moonlight’s silent film” haiku on haikuniverse December 2015.
“Gracenotes” Blue Heron Review Summer (July) 2016.“Strange Looks” Pound of Flash, December 2015.
“It Hardly Seems Worth It” Postcard Poems & Prose, 2016
“Reprieve” Eunoia Review, March, 2016
“Without Force” and “Just the Same” The Notebook, 2016

“Secondhand” 100 Word Story, 2015
“Thin Walls” Back Poppy Review, January 2015
“A Headache Killed Her” Black Poppy Review, March 2015
“January Morning” Nanoism April 2015.
“The Weight of the World,” Black Poppy Review, April 2015
“Defining Even” Microstory A Week, November 2015
“Fog” Black Poppy Review, June 2015
“What She Wouldn’t Dream Of” and “A Kiss Good Bye” THAT Literary Review, March 2016

CNF essays:
“Deliverance” Eunoia Review, May 2015
“13 Beans” Turtle Island Quarterly, 2015.
“Acceptance or Rejection?” Eunoia Review, August 2015
“Blueberries” Eunoia Review, October 2015
“It Happened Again” Eunoia Review, December 2015.

“Well Hidden” The Poetry Box: Poeming Pigeons Anthology, April 2015
“Kill Time”Le Mot Juste, 2015
“The Way Home” and “Lift Bridge” Four Seasons Anthology, August 2015
“Between Worlds” Memoirs of the Feminine Divine: Voices of Power and Invisibility, 2016
“Apple or Orange” The Poetry Box: Food themed issue: Poeming Pigeons Anthology, 2015
“The Gift” Spectrum 2: The Gift anthology, December 2015

Micro Chapbook:
Small Gestures Origami Poems Project, January 2015

3rd Full Length Poetry Collection: Small Worlds Floating accepted by Cherry Grove Editions, with release date of August, 2016

Publications in 2014
“The Company I Keep” and “A Winning Hand” The Lake (UK) 1/2014
“Millennium to Millennium” The Monterey Poetry Review March 2014.
“On A Log” Writers Rising Up 2014 Calendar, Published 1/2014.
“Snowmelt” reprint in Avocet Weekly, January,2014.
“Off the Sill” Phantom Kangaroo, January 2014.
“Early Winter Sermon” Poetry Pacific, November 2014.
“Seeing Mountains” and “ in kitchen’s warmth” Blue Heron, 2014
“Gravity” Le Mot Juste, 2014
“Good Will” Freshwater 2014
“Good Will” reprint in Eunoia Review 2014
“Frayed Dreams” The Kentucky Review, 2014
“Ontario Chronicle, 1970,” “Deep Cold of Winter” “Parable of the Cricket”
and “Proverb” The Poetry Storehouse, April 2014.
“Trees in January” Postcard Poems and Prose, April 2014.
“Still Dreaming” Canto, March, 2014.
“Mixed Blessing” Poetry Quarterly, 2014.
“Still Life” One Sentence Poems, March, 2014.
“And We’ll Get There” and “Transparencies” Front Porch Review, 2014
Englyn form Three line Poetry, 2014.
“And So On” and “Who Knows the Answer” Poppy Road Review, March 2014.
“990,000 Decisions in a Steeley Pause” Right Hand Pointing, Issue 75, 2014.
Haiku (2) Haiku 50, 2014.
“Not Yet,” First Literary Review East, March 2014.
“Weathering” and “Tonight We Suspend Our Disbelief” Tar River Poetry, April 2014.
“One Star” River Poets Journal, April, 2014.
“Dear _________” and “A Brief Spell” The Lake (UK) 5/2014
“Well Hidden” Re/Verse 4/21/2014
“Some Things Left Largely Ignored” and “Mid-Sentence” Full of Crow, 4/2014
At Arm’s Length” Pyrokinection 5/9/2014
“Hereafter” Jellyfish Whispers 5/3/2014
“Millennium to Millennium” and “And So On” Oddball Magazine, 5/2014
“The Geography of Sound” Flint Hills Review, Fall, 2014
“The Gravity of Rain” and “Struck by This Heat” Avocet, Summer 2014 (print)
“past midnight’s hour” and “baffling silence” (haiku) Poetry Haiku (UK) Summer 2014.
“Bird, Fish” Canto, July 2014
“Small Gestures” Kind of a Hurricane: Jellyfish Whispers, 8/2014
“Revelation, Maybe” Kind of a Hurricane: Pyrokinection, 8/2014
“Our Fortune Found in Ashes” Grey Borders, 9/2014.
“The Way This Happens” (prose poem) Postcard Poems & Prose, 10/2014
“ This Thirst” and “Memory of Captivity” Flutter Journal, October and December 2014.
“Before Darkness Comes” Poppy Road Review, October, 2014
“Still Life” One Sentence Poems, October 2014
“Seeing Mountains” Avocet, (reprint) December 2014.
“Sailing Off in a Paper Boat,” “Sunrise. . . “ and “Snowdrops” Ealain, December 2014
“This Family Called Apple” Re/Verse (reprint) December, 2014.
Belongings” Digging to the Roots Poetry Anthology Calendar, 2015
“Forethought” and “Salvation” Poppy Road Review, December, 2014
“Boy with Bird, 1964” and “Just This” Blue Heron Review, February 2015 and July 2015
Reviews: Karla Linn Merrifield’s Lithic Scatter, in Avocet Weekly (January) and Avocet, Fall 2014.

“Once Again” and “Before Seeing My Mother . . .” Mother is a Verb, Red Paint Hill, 2014.
“Bereft” The Notebook: A Progressive Journal for Women and Girls with Rural and Small Town Roots, 2014.
“Household,“ “Temptation in Standard Time,” and “ Concurrence” were selected to be part of the 2013 Best of Anthology, Storm Cycle. Kind of A Hurricane, 2014.
“Millennium to Millennium” and “Seeing Mountains” Voices Israel Anthology, 2014.
“A Winning Hand” Lummox 3, Fall 2014.
“On a Summer Evening . . . “ accepted in Snow Jewel Anthology(Grey Sparrow Press), December2014. :Clotheslines” Brief Encounters (Norton), 2015
“Deep Cold of Winter” Mother Nature’s Trail Anthology to benefit Wolf Creek Habitat, 2014

Lyric Essays:
“Chocolate Box” Canto, March 2014.
“Clotheslines” Eunoia Review, August 2014.
“Surrender” Tiny-lIghts: Flash-in-the-Pan, June 2014.
“Worn Shoes” Turtle Island Quarterly, June 2014
“Season of Ceremony” Wild Quarterly, June 2014
“Pin-points” Andrea Reads America, August, 2014
“Summer at Arm’s Length” Eunoia Review, October, 2014.
“Thrift” Camroc Press Review, forthcoming in 2015.
“Summer Thunderstorms” Poppy Road Review, September, 2014
“Blind Date, 1970” Punchnel’s, 2014.
“Open Suitcase” Wild: A Quarterly, October, 2014
“Neither, Nor” Eunoia Review, February 2015.
“Think of An Egg” Sugared Water, forthcoming 2015.

“Grand Ville d”Idle” Grey Sparrow Journal, Summer 2014 (Web and Print).

Micro Chapbook
Small Gestures Origami Poems Project, forthcoming in 2015

Publications in 2013

Poems published: “Perennial” Blueline, “Studying the Sky” Heron Tree, “Early Departure” and “Howden Pond” Curio Poetry, Chapbook:“ Intermezzo,” “Waking Early,” “Salvation” and the Air’s Empty” Karla Linn Merrifield & Friends (mgv2> publishing, June 1913) “Empty Spaces,” Le Mot Juste, “Traveling Alone,” and “Pumpernickel”Re/Verse, “ Himself is Home” The Germ, “Watching Silence Briefly” and “Hemlock Lake” Avocet, “ At Day’s End” and “Meanwhile” Eunoia Review, “Delta” Brevity Poetry Review,”Prelude” Pyrokinection, 6 haiku in Kind of a Hurricane” High Coupe,”Serenade” and Beyond All This” “Listen, Carefully” Poppy Road Review, “”Snowmelt” and “Mud” Poetry Pacific, “Well Hidden” and “Beneath the Black Willow” “Small Worlds Floating” Weekly Avocet, “Nevertheless” and “Concurrence” Jellyfish Whispers, 2 Haiku Poetry Haiku (UK), “Spellbound” Big River Review, 1 haiku Haiku Journal, “Rainier” Rose Red Review “When There’s Nothing Left to Say,” “Feeding a Fire,” “Temptation in Standard Time,” and” Household” Napalm & Novacain; “Hit & Run” (prose poem), “Weathercast” Poppy Road Review, “Over Time” Poetry Quarterly, “Aftermath” (prose poem) Turtle Island Quarterly, “Mistaken Dream” and “Truth & Consequence” “What I Want” (a found poem) Right Hand Pointing, “Going Home” and “Portrait in Black & White” Muddy River Poetry Review, “Dry Summer” and“ Finches” (cinquain) Cyclamens and Swords, 1 Haiku Three Line Poetry, “Off-Kilter” (prose poem),” On a Summer Evening,” “Hard to Forget,” Flutter Poetry Journal, “Not Yet” First literary Review, 2 Haiku and “The Night’s Discrepancy” Northern Cardinal Review, Essay: “In Concert” Canto Magazine,“Tell the Truth, Do You Lie” Eunoia Review. Fiction: “Free Advice” Flash Fiction World Contest (UK) “Reading, Closely” Kind of a Hurricane: Pound of Flash, Anthologies: “Neutralities” The Heart of All That Is: Reflections on Home, edited by Jim Perlman, Deborah Cooper, Mara Hart and Pamela Mittlefehldt (Holy Cow Press, 2013) “A Time Comes When You No Longer Think It” Ekphrastia Gone Wild, Rick Lempert, Editor, August 2013,“Taking Off” (flash fiction) Lummox, “Genesis” (poem) Beach & Sand Anthology: Kind of a Hurricane, “Woman Bathing” and “Paddling at Dusk” Ekphrastic poetry In Gilded Frame Anthology: Kind of a Hurricane. Micro-Chapbook: How Deeply They Delve, Origami Poem Project (May 2013).

Between Worlds, a chapbook of prose, Foothills Publishing, April 2013.

In 2012, poems published: “A Clearing” and “Not Sleeping” The Centrifugal Eye, “Pumpernickel” Tar River Poetry, “This Heat” Blueline, “Commitment” and “Humoring Warhol” Golden Sparrow Literary Review,”Dead Pine’ and “Traveling Through Flesh” Crack the Spine,”Wild flowers” Live and Let Live, and “January” Imagination and Place, Anthology on Weather.” Wondering,” “Friendship” and “Blink” The Applicant. “A Stroke of Luck” A Baker’s Dozen, “Trusting the Pull of the Full Moon” Granny Smith Magazine. “Green Ghetto” and “Relativity” Ann Arbor Review,”Spic n’ Span” Scissors & Spackle, “Summit” Indian River Review,”Hit & Run” Medulla Times, “Motion Picture” Agenda (UK), “Counting by Twos” Motherhood Anthology, “Fog rolled in” Adanna Literary Review,”The Hour of When” Avocet, “Seeing my Mother” Yes, Poetry, “One Star’s Light” Brevity Poetry Review,”One Way” Prose Poem Project, “The Clearing” Red Poppy Review; Essay: “No Dominion” Great Lake Book Project.

Between Worlds, Finalist in Split Oak Press prose chapbook contest (Summer 2011); accepted for publication, Foothills Publishing, April 2013.

Poem “Simply” accepted in Poets Walk, Rochester, NY. First Installation complete Fall 2012. Lines of selected poems are engraved in stone on Poets Walk, along with audio recordings of poems, which may be able accessed through cell phones while walking on Poets Walk.

Served my term (2007-2012) as poetry adviser for the New York Foundation of the Arts (NYFA), Successfully raised awareness and changed the awards demographic to represent all of New York State.

In May 2012, my prose chapbook Between Worlds, which was a finalist in the Split Oak Press Chapbook Competition ,Summer 2011, has been accepted for publication by Foothills Publishing. It will be released in October 2012.

In 2011, A total of 40 publications: poems, short stories, and creative nonfiction essays appeared in the following print and online reviews: Apple Valley Review (poem:”Barn Swallows, Returning”), Aroostook Review (short story: “The Catch”) , Avocet (poems:”Transformation,” Apricot Tree,” Rhythms” and “Bereft”) , Blueline (poem: “Nature of Change”), Cave Region Review (prose poem:“Such As It Is In Autumn”), Cherry Blossom Review (poem:”Two Worlds”), Crack the Spine (poems: “Dead Pine” and “Traveling Through Flesh”), Curio Poetry (poems: “Thoughts keep her Adrift,” “History” and “ ”A Beautiful Arrogance”),Golden Sparrow Literary Review ( prose poem “Commitment”; poem: Humoring Warhol”) , Greatest Lakes Review (poem: “This Forgotten Hour”) , Grey Sparrow Review (short story: “Honeymoon Jar”) , Imagination and Place, An Anthology on Weather (poems: “Wild, Flowers,” Live and Let Live, “ and “January”) Indigo Rising( 3rd Place: Pantoum Contest: “Beneath the Black Willow”), L.E.S. Review (poems: “Denouement” and “No Promises”), The Meadowland Review (poem: Waking All the Same”), The Montucky Review ( poem: “A Time Comes When You No longer Thin It.”) Numinous Magazine (poem: “Spectrum”), Oak Bend Review (CNF essay: A Game Called Gorilla”), Off the Coast ( poetry review), Poetry East (poem:” Swept Away to Gone”) Postcard Shorts ( fiction: Dinner, Rescued), Prose Poem Project (prose poems: “Nearly, Invisible” and “Turtle Shell”), Red Poppy Review (poem: “Crucible”),Split This Rock (poem: Groundwork”), Tar River Poetry (poem: “Pumpernickel”), Twenty/20 Journal (poems “Meetings” and “Origami Heart” nominated for Best of Net) and Untitled Country Review (poems: “The Bees” and “Departure”).

Prior to 2011:
Recent poems accepted for publication in the upcoming anthologies:
From the Other World: Poems in Memory of James Wright, edited by Bruce Hendricksen and Robert Johnson, Lost Hills Books (2007)
Eating the Pure Light, Poems honoring Thomas McGrath, edited by John Bradley, Marsh Hawk Press (2009)
The Poets Guide to The Birds, edited by Judith Kitchen and Ted Kooser, Anhinga Press (2009)
Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer’s Disease, edited by Holly Hughes, Kent State UP (2009)
Eating Her Wedding Dress: A Collection of Clothing Poems, edited by Ellen Foos, Vasiliki Katsarou and Ruth O'Toole, Ragged Sky Press, June 2009.

“Looking Back,” “Blue Notes,” “Small Child Holding A Balloon” and “Early Morning” Gray Sparrow Press Spring 2010
“Something brief, but bright” Avocet: A Journal of Nature Poems Fall 2010
“Rowing Toward Light” Tar River Poetry, Fall 2010
“Strawberry Samaritans” and “Interlude” Victorian Violet Press Spring 2010
“Past Due” The Centrifugal Eye Spring 2010
“(in) sight” The Raleigh Review Spring 2010
“Uncovering the Well” and “Weight of Spring” Blueline Spring 2010
“Traveling Alone . . .” The Bryant Literary Review Spring 2010
“(in) sight” Brevities Fall 2009
“Coming is Coming” and “Starting from Scratch” Off the Coast Summer 2009
“Blind (Wo)man’s Bluff” Oak Bend Review Summer 2009
“Small Worlds Floating: Bird’s Eye reView (Forthcoming)
“Evidence of Movement” 2 haiku/senryu and 2 cinquain Sketchbook, Summer 2009
“Snow Globe” Avocet: A Journal of Nature Poems, Fall 2009
“Snowman” Iconoclast, Fall 2009
“Portrait of a Lighthouse and Irises”The Centrifugal Eye Summer 2009
“What’s She’s Waiting For” The Centrifugal Eye Summer 2009
“A Ghazal called Desire” The Ghazal Page July, 2009
“How the Clouds Don’t Look” Brevities (Spring 2009)
“It Seems So” Le Mot Juste (Spring 2009).
“Lady bugs live among us” Blueline (Spring 2009).
“The Way I Remember It” Pearl, (Fall 2009).
“Night Notes” Tar River Poetry (Spring 2009).
“The Orchard” miller’s pond (forthcoming).
The Sanctuary,” The Snapping Turtle,” and “ The Weather of Transformation” Bird’s Eye reView, Winter 2009.
1 haiku in Acorn, Winter 2009.
2 cinquain in Amaze: Journal of Cinquain, Winter 2009.
“Eternal Thought,” Late Arrtivals,” “(Over) heard,” and “When the Time is Right” Poetry Midwest, Issue 22, Fall 2008.
“Everyday” “(In) sight” and “Free range chickens” The Public Republic, Fall 2008.
“End of Autumn” and “The View” Cyclamens & Swords, Fall 2008
“Double Dare” Off the Coast, Fall 2008.
2 haiku in Riverbed, Fall 2008.
“Whale Dream” and “The Contest” Sea Stories, Fall 2008.
“As It Is” Apple Valley Review, Fall, 2008.
“Full Moon” and “Touch n’ Go” The Centrifugal Eye, Summer 2008.
“First Day of April” The Hobble Creek Review, Issue 3, Vol. 2, Summer 2008.
“Ode to Crow” and Triolet to the Adage As a Crow Flies” Blueline, Spring 2008.
“A Matter of Getting There” Santa Fe Literary Review, Spring 2008.
“ October Light” Into the Teeth of the Wind Summer, 2008
“Peonies” Ballard Street Poetry Journal, Summer, 2008.
“Groundwork” Le Mot Juste, Spring 2008.
“Winter’s Lament” Visions International, Spring 2008. 76.
“Sign,” “Back Yard Feeder,” and “The Dance” The Puckerbrush Review, Winter/Spring, 2008.
“Beneath the Black Willow” and “The cornfield unpicked past ruin,” Iconoclast, Spring, 2008.
“An Offering” The Wild Goose Review, Winter, 2008.
“Winter’s Conceit,” “Among the Missing,” and “Evidence” The Centrifugal Eye, Winter, 2008.
“Awakened, hour before dawn” The Hurricane Review, Fall 2007.
“ The Present” The Comstock Review, 21.2 Awards 2007-2008.
“Hypnotic” and” Awakened hour before dawn “The Centrifugal Eye, Summer, 2007.
“Airport” White Chimney (UK) Issue Two, Summer, 2007.
“(Over) Look” and The Distraction of Spring” Blueline Spring 2007.
“ Hyacinths” The Potomac Review, Spring, 2007.
“Divertimento” and “Work” The Puckerbrush Review Winter Spring, 2007.
“Oriental Bells and the Light of Mute Swan’s Wings” The Café Review, Spring, 2007.
“Thunder cloud” Le Mot Juste, Spring 2007.
“Nature” Tar River Poetry. Spring, 2007.
“The Log Stranded on the Beach Became Our Bench” Pebble Lake Review, Fall/Winter 2006.
“Encore” Hymns to the Outrageous: American Poetry Sampler, Pudding House Publication, (forthcoming).
“Last Day of August” Canter Collected (forthcoming)
“Blessings” Urgent Care Anthology, Pudding House Publication, Winter, 2004
“The Daydream” Blueline Spring, 2004.
“Barter” The Puckerbrush Review Spring, 2004,
“In the Warm Yellow Kitchen . . . ”T
he Paterson Literary Review, Spring ,2004.
“Gone” and “The Usual” Blueline, Spring, 2003.
“Encore” Iconoclast, Fall, 2002.
“Fish” miller’s pond, Spring, 2003.
“End of Summer” and “February” The Old Red Kimono, Spring, 2003.
“Sliver” The Paterson Literary Review, Summer, 2003.
“Gap” Pearl, Summer,2004.
“Not Exactly” Paper Street Fall, 2004.
“Pond” Rosebud, Spring, 2004.
“Mourning refuse relief” The Hurricane Review, Fall, 2003.
“Hour of Hunger” Into the Teeth of the Wind, Fall, 2003.
“Button,” “Distance,” and “Delivery” The Coffee House, Charnwood Arts,Loughborough Library, Loughborough,Leicestershire, England, Fall, 2003.
“Two Canoes” 5 A.M.,Issue 16, Spring, 2002.
“Star(e) Blueline Volume XXIII (2002) 152.
“Not Far Off the Path” and “Close at Hand.” Buckle, Fall, 2002.
“Single Steps” Into the Teeth of the Wind, Spring ,2001.
“You Can’t Fix This.” Eclipse, Spring, 2001.
“After.” HazMat Review, Volume 4, Issue 2. Fall, 2000, 16.
“Crossing Borders.” The Comstock Review. Awards 2000. Vol. 14, #2. (Finalist) 70.
“Swimming in the Dark” and “Christening” Blueline Volume XX11 (2001) 45-46.
“Niagara” and “View from a Hilltop.” Buckle, Volume 6 Spring/Summer 2001. 10-11.
“Red Peppers.” Tar River Poetry, Volume 40, Number 1 Fall, 2000. 6.
“Cold Cuts.” Tar River Poetry, Volume 39, Number 2 Spring, 2000. 5 .
“In the end the voice of an adult speaks” and “Found” The Coffee House, Charnwood Arts, Loughborough Library, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England, Summer 2001.
“Corn, dark green . . .” and “Awake.” Words of Wisdom: Poet’s Theatre 20th Anniversary Anthology. Beatrice O’Brien, Ed. Fall, 2000. 41.
“Shortsighted.” VIAS, Visions-International, Number 64, Fall, 2000.
“Hunger is linen white.” The Comstock Review Fall, 2000.
“Beyond Winter.” Lake Affect Volume XIV (1999) 35.
“Early Morning.” Yankee May, 2000. 98.
“Imagine your village,” “Awake,” “Anything but empty,” and “Face to face.” Blueline Volume XX, (1999) 121-124.
“Great Horned Owl ” and “Snowlines.” Blueline Volume XXI (2000) 166-67.
“Dash and Dare.” Jigsaw Spring, 2000. 23.
“Bleach” and “Baby Boomer” Buckle & #4 (2000) 40.

“The Interview” Six Sentences March 2010 (print edition)
“Night Depository” Six Sentences February 2010
“No Such Luck” The Northville Review March , 2009
“The Check Out” The Northville Review January, 2009.
“Taking Off” Lark Fall, 2008
“ What Happened to Newton?” Gigglewater Review Summer, 2005.
“Defining Even” Quarter After Eight, Vol 11/12 .Spring, 2005.

“Between Worlds” Gulf Coast, Summer-Fall 2008
“Surely” Tiny Lights, Fall 2008.
“Mother’s Dream.” Writers on Art Project. University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New York. November, 2002.
“Remains.” Chelsea 67 (1999) 175.
“Do You Remember Paris?” Jigsaw (Spring 2000) 43-44.
“The Weather of Distance.” In Brief: Short Takes on the Personal, Judith Kitchen and Mary Paumier Jones, Editors. New York: Norton, 1999.
“Daylight Savings Time” Short Takes: Brief Encounters with Contemporary Nonfiction, edited by Judith Kitchen. New York: Norton, 2005.

Reviews & Articles: “Making Connections” Rebecca McClanahan. Deep Light, New and Selected Poems, 1987-2007.
Tar River Poetry, Fall, 2007.

Plays: This Heat was one of ten minute play winners in GEVA Theatre’s Regional Playwright competition, 1998. Lost Track of Time 2Pages/2 Voices winner of GEVA/Writers and Books Short Play Competition, January 2011.


Sometimes Simply, Foreseeable Future Press, 1996;
Temptations, Foothills Publishing, 2001; and M.J.Iuppa Greatest Hits, 1986-2001, included in Poets’ Greatest Hits Project, Pudding House Publication, 2002.
As the Crow Flies, a chapbook from Foothills Publishing, 2008.
Between Worlds, a prose chapbook from Fotthills Publishing, 2013.

Full-Length Poetry Collections: Night Traveler, Foothills Publishing, October, 2003.
Within Reach, Cherry Grove Collections, March, 2010.

Since 1985 more than 600 poems have appeared in national, university and small press publications, such as Yankee, Poetry,Press, New Letters, and more.

Pushcart nominations: 1997, 2001 and 2002.
Best of the Web nomination: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013


St. John Fisher College
The Essay 251, Fall 1997, Spring 1998, Fall 1998, Spring 1999, Fall 1999, Fall 2000, Fall 2001, Spring 2002, Fall 2002, Fall 2003,Fall 2004, Fall 2005, Fall 2007, Fall 2010, Fall 2015, Fall 2016,Spring 2017, Srping 2018, Creative Writing 253, Spring 1999, Fall 1999, Spring 2004, Spring 2006, Fall 2007, Spring 2009, Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015,Spring 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019 Creative Writing: Poetry 372, Spring 1997, Fall 1998, Fall 1999, Fall 2000, Fall 2001, Fall 2002, Fall 2003, Fall 2004, Fall 2005, Fall 2006, Fall 2007, Spring 2010, Fall 2016 The Essay 258, Fall 2008. Open Book: Read to Write249, Fall 2017, Fall 2019 Playwriting, 374 Fall 2018 Seeing Metaphor 275, Spring 2020 Creative Writing: Fiction 371, Fall 2008, Fall 2010, Fall 2012, Fall 2014 World Literature 248 Fall 2008, Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2013 Senior Writing Seminar 425, Spring 1999,Spring 2000, Spring 2001, Spring 2002, Spring 2003, Spring 2004, Fall 2004, Spring 2005, Fall 2005, Spring 2006, Fall 2006, Spring 2007. Career Seminar 411, Spring 2001, Spring 2002. Post-Colonial Literature 238, Spring 2004, Spring 2005 Encounter with the Arts 102, Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Fall 2010, Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2914, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020 Film and Society, Arts 109, Summer, 2009, Spring 2010, Summer 20010, Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 20, Spring 2016,Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020 Women’s Autobiography and Memoir 370, Spring 2003, Spring 2004, Spring 2007, Fall 2009 Honors Projects: 2001-2002; 2003, 2008 Independent Study Projects (Falll and Spring): 2000-2001; 2001-2002; 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013,2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018,2019, 2020

SUNY Brockport
International Fiction 165 Fall 2002, Fall 2004, Fall 2005,Spring 2009,World Literature 223 Spring 2010; Fall 2015, Fall 2017, Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Spring 2020; Literature and Culture 166, Spring 2004, Creative Writing 210 Spring 2003 and Fall 2003, Fall 2006: Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Summer 2013,Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017; Fal2107, Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020 Intermediate Poetry 302-21 Summer 2003, Summer 2004, Fall 2007, Fall 2008, Spring 2009, Fall 2009, Intermediate Poetry: 305, Spring 2010, 2012, Spring 2020 Intermediate Fiction 301, Spring 2007, Fall 2007; Directed Study: Fiction Fall 2009; Director of Honors Thesis, Spring 2010; Directed Study :Poetry, Fall 2012. ENG 492.01 Advanced Poetry, Spring 2017


Curator of The Genesee Reading Series, Writers & Books, Rochester, New York, 1990-2006.
Faculty Adviser The Angle, St. John Fisher’s Literary Magazine, 1997 to 2013.
Faculty Adviser, The Art Club, 2004 to 2015.
Faculty Adviser, Swingbirds, Jazz Band, Fall2013 to present.
Faculty Adviser, Measure 13, 2014-present.

Coordinator for the Visiting Writer at St. John Fisher, Spring 2001, poet Cornelius Eady and Spring 2002, poet Marie Howe; publicity for the following: poet Michael Collier Spring 2003; poet Robert Morgan Spring 2004 poet Jim Longenbach Spring 2006, poet Richard Wakefield Fall 2007; fiction writer Anne Panning Spring 2008 and poet Sarah Freligh Fall 2008; fiction writer Megan Abbott Spring 2009 and poet Robert Hass Fall 2009; creative nonfiction writer Sonja Livingston Spring 2010, writer Jennifer deWinter Spring 2011, poet B.K. Fischer Fall 2011, Gray Jacobik, Spring 2013, and Kate Racculia, Fall 2013, Morgan Parker Fall 2015, Sonja Livingston Spring 2016, Stephen J. West, Spring 2016, Rachel Hall, Fall 2016.

Coordinator of Arts Visiting Writers: Mark Yakich, Fall 2009,Todd Davis, Fall 2010, E. Louise Beach, Spring 2011 Margaret Randall, Spring 2011, Michael Meyerhofer, Fall 2011; John Roche, Spring 2012, Thom Ward, Fall 2012, James Whorton, Fall 2012, Anne Panning, Fall 2012, Susan Deer Cloud, Fall 2013, Nate Pritts and Jennifer Fortin, Spring 2014, Albert Albonado, Fall 2015, Frank X Walker, Spring 2016, Fall Patrica Roth Schwartz, Fall 2016.


Associated Writing Programs.
Writers & Books.
The Modern Poetry Association.
Poets & Writers.
New York College English Association.

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