Saturday, July 6, 2019

6th of July. Still celebrating!

Fourth of July, 2019. Photo: Meghan Rose Tonery

Still Celebrating . . .

Accomplishments Summer 2019:

Garden planted! It took 9 days, but all is well.  We have been having warm weather, bright sun, a taste of rain.  Grow, Garden, Grow!

We've had good company in June and July. More to come.

Renewed our fishing licenses!

Have been re-potting house plants.  They have grown overnight.

Making cacti, succulent, rocks, seashells, dish gardens. Invented my version of cacti soil yesterday; then, found the bag of soil today!

Writing sporadically. Some  hits, some misses.  A lot of  thoughts swirling  'round and about . . .

Recent published poem:
"Seeing the Sunrise"

Recent published 100 word story:
"She Looked on the Bright Side"

 Theme song for Summer: "You Can't Stop the Beat!"

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