Sunday, May 12, 2019

End of the Spring Semester! Here Comes the Sun!

Scopello, Sicily  May 2018 Photo by Meghan Rose Tonery

These are the cats that own the town of Scopello. Someone  would cook huge pots of pasta for them. See the one standing on two legs, eating his dinner.

This year we will be going to Galway and Silgo, Ireland. Another island culture.Can't wait to see the Burren with its wild orchids.

The Spring semester is over. It went by so quickly.  I worked constantly.  Now its time to recharge the battery and reflect on the year thus far. 

Looking forward to getting things in order now.  Set some summer goals besides maintaining the garden.  It's been a cold spring.  This past week, the weather alternated rain, then sun, then rain, then sun.  It's raining now. Yesterday, after attending St.John Fisher's graduation, Peter and I decided to do some errands.  We found a chicken house on the side of the road (in really good shape) and drove up
to the homeowner to see if he was selling it or giving it away.  Our good luck. Free!  So we stopped everything and figured out a way to drive the chicken house back to our house, which wasn't far away.  This little excursion could have been a total disaster. The chicken house in splinters in the middle of the road. Another hand of good luck, and we were able to make it back to our house without an incident.  Soon this will be a happy chicken house!

Recent publications:
Lyric essay and Poem.


I am grateful to all the editors who  have supported my writing, and have given me the opportunity to reach so many writers and readers worldwide.   It's been such a gift.

During poetry month, I only wrote a fistful of poems, not 30, as so many accomplish every year.
I only went to a couple of readings.  My energy is slowly coming back, so I am hoping I will have more get up and go through the summer months.

I have a lot to do now.  Time to switch gears and focus on things that are within reach.

Happy Mother's  Day!

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