Sunday, January 7, 2018

Words to Live By . . .

Photo: K. Iuppa.

Quote for Today:

“When you look back on a lifetime and think of what has been given to the world by your presence, your fugitive presence, inevitably you think of your art, whatever it may be, as the gift you have made to the world in acknowledgment of the gift you have been given, which is life itself. And I think the world tends to forget that this is the ultimate significance of the body of work each artist produces. That work is not an expression of the desire for praise or recognition, or prizes, but the deepest manifestation of your gratitude for the gift of life.”
                                                                     ~ Stanley Kunitz

 Sunday Poetry Prompt:

"Like A Good Joke"  What has struck you as "funny" this first week of a New Year?
You may interpret "funny" any way that you please.

Good News :

On January 1st, 2018, I began writing a review of Alicia Hoffman's second full length poetry collection, Railroad Phoenix, Kelsay Books, 2017. I finished the review by January 4th and sent it out.  It will appear in either the February or March issue of The Lake (UK).  Thank you, John Murphy, Editor, for giving this review ascent and promoting Alicia Hoffman's book.  I have taught this book twice, in Spring 2017 and Fall 2017.  My students valued her poems and asked poignant questions about her work, which made us move deeper into her collection.  

If you have not read this collection, please put it on your list to read in 2018.

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