Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year! Here's to 365 days of making Art!

Niagara Falls is frozen once again!We're in the middle of a "Bomb Cyclone" Arctic Cold, with Wind and Snow.

If you are from Western NY, you know that it has been snowing double negatives, which means, yes, we're snowed in. I have been making the best of this quiet.
On Fb, my friend, cohort from Rainier Writers Workshop MFA Program, fellow poet, Kelli Russell Agodon  posted a call to blog revival.  Back in the day ( I can say that!), but from 2004 (when I began the MFA program) to 2010 (maybe?), I followed many poets' blogs.  It was my morning read with a piping hot cup of coffee.  I enjoyed  reading the poetic musings, the struggles of day to day, the weather, the news of success, and so on.  It was  my way of feeling connected to these poets who were doing the impossible, that is, raising a family, working, writing, maintaining a sense of humor, eating too much chocolate. I followed  many women poets, who were and still are younger than I am.
I found them to be full of life. Ah, life.  

When I first began this blog, I hoped it would be my living  journal.  Even though I have a strange addiction to pencils, pens, and notebooks of all sizes and  shapes, I have never been truly successful in keeping a daily journal. Over the years, my children drew in them, my husband wrote grocery notes or phone messages, and sadly, when things got too busy, they ended up on a shelf.  As you can see, the journals were not secret or hands off, so the blog seemed to be a perfect venue.  In the early days, I did have readers who would leave comments., and I loved the conversation.  Then, when my youngest son Nicholas moved to Germany in 2012, I joined Facebook(Fb).  Many of my Blog friends were  and still are on Fb, which cut into Blog reading time. Life continued, that is, I was teaching, writing, making  and experiencing art, still raising a family, and dedicating a great deal of time to sustainability. So, this blog became  my reports on how we were doing  here, on this small farm, in Hamlin NY.

Now, it's 2018.  I'm not sure what I am promising. Perhaps, I should start with posting more often. That would be a good start to the blog revival. Stay warm, fellow bloggers.  I look forward to stepping back into your lives and having you in mine.

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