Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1st: The Sun is a Bright Pearl . . .

June 1st. The sun, the sun, the sun

photo K. Iuppa

Here we are on the brink of summer.  So much is changing, and for good reason. I'm ready to imagine
everything a little bit different.  Have started two writing projects and a major get rid of the clutter project. Received advice from my friend Pat Mannix on how to begin to downsize, and so I have begun to do as she advised.  Yesterday, I delivered two boxes full of books to Good Will.  I'm sure they will be loved by someone new.

At the Good Will, they ask you to fill out a form on their computer for your receipt. The men who were working the back ( it was a parade of cars full of bagged stuff), looked at my white hair and me squinting at the computer screen, and thought I was a lost cause, and offered to help me.  "No, no-- I got this.  I'm just trying to see the screen . . ."  Clickety-click, I'm now in the Good Will system.

Yesterday, I cleared out one flower garden. I do love the physical work, but  my initial agility is comical.  The way I walk, with tools in each hands resembles Frankenstein. It makes me laugh-- how ungainly I am at this point of the season.  Thankfully, I improve as the work becomes daily activity.

Change is on the horizon  . . .  I'm excited for the possibilities.

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