Sunday, August 2, 2015

It's August. Believe it.The Fall Semester Begins at the End of this Month!

Sometimes, I use this blog to keep my ambitions honest. I have had a very gentle summer.  Being here on the farm, with little distraction, just the daily work has been fortifying. I have been working on my writing and well as tending the gardens.  No drama.  No complaints.  No aches. No disappointments.  It is what it is.

Since I have been working on prose, I thought I should do a 31x31 poetry challenge for the month of August.  I think this will ease me back into the Fall semester. So far, so good.  The poems can be in any form, any theme, any length. So two done.  29 to go. I did sneak a 100 word story in the mix.

I bought 4 quarts of apricots two days ago and I'm waiting for them to ripen up a bit before I make a batch of jam. Usually, we have an abundance of apricots, but this year, the early summer weather has some rain storms that included hail and tortured our local fruit farms.  Strangely, this did not affect our orchard, but we no longer have apricot trees.  So for the past two weeks, I have driven the country roads West of here in search of apricots.

On Friday we went to the Mennonite auction, but  were shut out by  farm stands owners who were buying produce (whole lots).  We just couldn't compete with the asking price.  I wondered what they were going to sell the produce for, in order to have a profit.  Something was way off. 8 quart baskets of peaches are going for $12.50-14.00 per basket, depending on where you are.  Closer to city or towns with higher population reflects the higher price.

I was really disappointed by the auction, and our driving up and down those country roads, with no luck.

Then, on a lark, we stopped at two places we knew would be pricey, just to see if they had apricots and blueberries.  Sure enough, just what we wanted.  Bought blueberries in one spot and apricots in the other.

The blueberries are amazing this year.  I love summer.

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