Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last Day of February.

It's been twenty days since my last entry. In Western NY, we made history, enduring the bitter and snow.  We made history, our power didn't fail.   We watched the weather reports faithfully. We worried about all the others who were getting pummeled by the constant storms up and down the Eastern coast. We carried on.

I found myself studying the stacks of seed catalogs, imagining what this year's gardens will hold.  This early morning the sun is shining.  Like yesterday, it's cold but the sun is everywhere. Yesterday, I drove to Warsaw NY to work with a group of children, primarily 2nd and 3rd graders, with a sprinkle of first graders.  The drive, which is over an hour away, was a getaway for me.  Roads were clear, giving me the opportunity to take in the winter countryside.  I love the way the flatness of Route 19 becomes hills and valleys and a winding road.  I love the Maple Sugar signs.  The high banks of snow match ours.  The whispers of snow
rising from the middle of fields.  It felt good to be going to Warsaw.  The children were wonderful and full of personality.

Here's a snippet of conversation:

M.J.  I have a cat named photon and a dog named neutron.

Someone must love science in your house, I said.

Yes, she said seriously, my father is an astrologer.

This week St. John Fisher is on Spring recess.  Students and faculty alike had that look: ' We gotta get out of this place.'  So many were heading out to a warmer climate. I'm heading to a quiet place to get some work done.

When we return  to resume the semester, the weeks will march at a steady clip.  So much to do in the upcoming weeks, it's a staggering thought; and before you know it, Spring will be in our laps. The semester will be over.  I'm getting ready, are you?

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