Friday, January 2, 2015

The Second Day of the New Year . . .What I did Yesterday

Happy New Year to You  and You and You . . . The customary practice  for New Year's Day is to do everything you love to do; hence. guaranteeing that you will do all those things over the course of the year.

What I did yesterday:

I made an exceptional pot of coffee.

Woke up early and wrote several poems and revised several too.

I did a cedar waxwing watercolor in my journal.  He looks like a fat buddha baby.
Went to a New Year's Brunch with my oldest friends.  I love them  all so very much. We laughed for at least 3 hours. They always puts me in the best mood.

I spent time knitting. The scarf I'm making will hopefully cure my trigger thumb (painful). I did this once before and the knitting fixed my thumb's alignment and everyone got a scarf.  It was definitely a win-win.  
The yarn I'm working with is really gorgeous shades of green and oh-so soft. 

I did the tally of my creative work submitted in 2014 (poems, fictions, CNF essays, reviews, plays):
91 acceptances. It was an exceptional year.I'm grateful to  my muses and to all of the editors who have said, yes. Of course, when I announced this news, Peter and Nick said: Next Year Break One Hundred.  Ah, the glove has been thrown into the ring. We'll see.


On Wednesday, December 31 (New Year's Eve), I met up with a group of poets for a Word Happening at Starry Nites Cafe. It was a blast. Two 20 minute writing sets, selecting two of the prompts from the handout, with the direction that they could stray from the directions, if need be.

We shared out after the writing, which is always a challenge, e.g. reading one's handwriting. I was stunned by how fabulous the work was. So much to admire in this magnificent seven !    We set a date for the next word happening.  Can't wait.

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