Sunday, August 31, 2014

Labor Day Weekend (Isn't every day labor day?)

Photo by K. Iuppa
Harvest Time on Red Rooster Farm

I have been harvesting yellow squash, zucchini, potatoes (white and red.  The reds are red inside and out, and are delish!) Swiss chard, blue lake beans, onions (white and red) last of the cucumbers, beets, white eggplants, purple peppers and cherry/grape tomatoes, which are just starting to come now.  I've been picking tomatoes for several days now.  Soon will be roasting them.  I have enough now.  Carolina gold and beef steaks are beginning to turn.  It's going to be intense when all the tomatoes turn.Usually, I have 100 quarts put by by now. So this year I will work around the clock.  I must admit everything has been outstanding. We have been very fortunate.


Have begun another writing challenge. Another set of lyric essays and flash fiction. I'm hoping to have 6 of each done by October 2nd.  We'll see if I am as successful as this summer challenge.

1. Lyric essay:  "Milkweed"  done 8/31/2014.

I have some ideas brewing. Still writing poems, but I'm considering them differently since the summer writing challenge.

Good news. I have been asked to write reviews for two journals.  One in USA and the other in UK. If any readers of this blog have a new poetry book/chapbook, please send it my way! 

I'm hoping I will be able to write a couple of these every month.


Glad to have been able to complete some novel editing per writer request. It's a bit difficult at the start of the semester.

So far, so good with classes and teaching and meetings.  Even though I was dragging my big toe a bit, I knew that  once I started working on syllabi, I would perk up. 


From the batch of lyric essays written this summer, ranging from 250 words to 2500 words, I have had seven out of the twelve accepted, and two of them haven't been released into the world yet.  I feel so fortunate and encouraged by this.


This upcoming week my niece Lucy will be in town for a visit!  She will get to enjoy the tomatoes.  My sister Andrea and her grown children Matt and Kiira only got a nimble.  But, they did have a lot of other veggies and fruits from our gardens.


Hoping to get some relaxation time in this weekend .  We'll see.   Always a lot to do.

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