Wednesday, June 25, 2014

First Days of Summer . . .

White Campion and Antiquities. Photo by K. Iuppa

This is my sister's front yard (lake side).

I think this is an amazing accidental arrangement.

 The garden is at last planted.  Spent three hours yesterday cultivating rows.  Hopefully, this will be the year I stay ahead of the weeds, which ironically are mostly edible too.The sun was so hot yesterday.  Air so muggy.  Then  rainstorms came through.  Here around 9 p.m.  But, Northeast of here the rains began around 5 p.m. I was in Rochester leading a poetry workshop and during our session the skies opened up at least three times.  Had to pull over on my way home.  It was intense.  I rolled in around 10 p.m.  Puddles everywhere, but not like the puddles in Rochester.  Will survey the garden this morning.  Hopefully, we didn't get the same volume of rain that fell a week ago.  Last week, actually a  week ago, we received 2 inches. 

Yesterday, I was stunned by the jump in size of our tomato plants. Put our cages in place before the plants get much bigger and begin to topple.  This may be an exceptional season.  We'll see.

I have been spending my mornings writing, keeping up with my personal challenge: 12 lyrical CNF essays by July.  I've completed 9.  I may be in the homestretch.  One flash fiction slipped into the queue, but I can't count it in the challenge, even though I spent a very long time on it.  I have this idea that I have wanted to write for at least 2 years now.  I know this essay will have longer sections. I think I'm looking for the proper rhythm.  Maybe the rhythm is in my subject and not me.   I've wanted to start it and then get distracted by something else.

The challenge to write a Lyrical CNF in 250 words makes me so fussy. River Teeth, a journal dedicated to CNF has a column called 'Beautiful Things.'  I have really enjoyed reading what is offered there.  Marcia Aldrich writes about her father's shoes; Sonja Livingston talks about collecting driftwood.  Much to be admired, and a terrific resource for teaching.  Grateful I stumbled upon it a week or so ago.

Here we are, mid-week, nearly the end of June.  Hope you are well dear reader.

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