Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday, Gray Skies and Chilly

A gray morning.   Yesterday, full of rain.  In the late afternoon, I went to the market to buy milk, bread, Stacy naked pita chips.  Three women, who passed me walking at different times, said exactly the same line: “At least, it’s not snow.” Fat cold raindrops plopping on our heads. We’re all dreaming of Spring.  I’m so out of sync because of the winter hanging on.  I actually think there is time left in this semester.  But, in truth, time is moving quickly.
Last evening at twilight, a coyote came in and snagged some of our chickens. At this point we’re not sure how many were taken.  The chickens scatter in a panic, hiding in the dark.  We were hoping they went under the porch.  The dark came on fast and we couldn’t see anything. This morning I saw one Brahma walking along the garden’s wooden fence. This is the season of hunger.  The fox and coyote have birthed their litters, and are looking for the quick meal.
I never get used to this.


I hope the daily poetry prompts have trigger some new poems.  The act of writing daily can be very soothing, especially now when  there's so many deadlines. I've carved out time to do this, too.
 ***If you want to see all the prompts you have to click on older posts.

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