Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Prompt #22: Shoes

Take a good look at your shoes, create a poem naming all the places you've been with your shoes.
Consider using the Ghazal form.

Here's an example of a Ghazal:

A Ghazal called Desire

Dreamy, the tank swirls with this tale’s airy surface.
Along the glass, catfish whiskers skim the surface.

Water churned on the bubbles, blew
perfect O’s to her lips kissing the hushed surface.

Love began like this, long ago, in a pond
where she swam against its smooth surface.                          

Stones and mud grazed belly to bare belly,
hidden from those who looked below the surface.                                       

Staring at the tank’s natural light, she wants to dive
again, and break this hour’s surface.

She gazes beyond glass, and sees her sleek body
shadowing the catfish’s slippery surface.


This was first published on Ghazal.  Thanks, Gene Doty!

Notice the couplets have to be discrete (stand on their own as well as work together in poem)
Ist stanza has the repeat word at the end of its lines.  After 1st stanza, it's always the second line of each couplet that has the repeat word.

So the repeat word would be "shoes" for this challenge, or whatever you want to do.

 Could be boots, flip-flops, sandals, barefoot and so on.

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