Monday, March 31, 2014

Prompt #5: Compound word flip

Take a series of compound words and flip them in a poem:
 example: birdbrain would flip to brainbird.

This is a B poem: Use as many as you like, but be careful to keep this from becoming total nonsense.  It can be done. Add any words to make the sense of the poem hold up.
Birdbrain, birdcall, birdcage birdseed, black-and-blue, blabbermouth, blackball, birthright, birthstone,bloodhood,
blindfold, blowup, blowtorch, bloodroot, bloodstone,
bloodline, blockbuster, bleeding-heart, boathouse, bombshell,booboo, boohoo, boondocks, boondoogle, bootjack,
bootstrap, bonehead, bonefish.


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