Sunday, February 2, 2014

Good Bye, January . . .

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It's February, the year of the horse, and the race is on . . .

Since January 13th, 2014, I have been checking off my to-do list that is the measure of chin to hand times three.
With each accomplishment, something else sidles in. 

At St. John Fisher College, we launched our 2nd Annual Faculty,Staff and Student Art Invitational. It runs until February 11th.
Instead of putting up  a selection of watercolors this year, I decided to print  and fold 150 copies of my micro chapbooks from Origami Poem Project.  I had them in a pretty basket with a framed invitation to take one or two.  It was so interesting watching everyone's hesitation.  I think the word "Free"  makes people nervous.  They doubt themselves.
So these are free? they asked. And, I said, Yes, yes.  Free. Have to replenish the basket this week.

The opening was a great success.  Then, on 1/30/2014,  at SJFC, we had a spoken word  performance: Then and Now, which took a close look at the Rochester Riots in July '64 and Civil Rights now.  We had 85 people in attendance.  The event was well-received.  This semester is dedicated to the ongoing dialogue of Civil Rights 50 years ago  and what still needs to be done now.  All of this, in my opinion, ties to  what we need to do to make our people secure. It's the same issues: healthcare, education, and employment.  Poverty is a cancer.  We need to take action and cure this.  People say people in dire situations have to make choices.  BUT what are the choices if there is no leadership to get out of  the vicious cycle. Look at all the recent cuts: unemployment, food stamps, and so on.  It's so degrading.  People, who have been unemployed for a while,  face a certain discrimination.  I can't believe that members of our government, those who espouse to being god-fearing men and women, turn their back on these people, who given the chance, could prove their industry.  People, who know what is right, need to turn up their voices.  We need to get  on the game board and change this. 

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