Sunday, November 17, 2013

Giving, Thanks . . .

An Offering

Trace the curve of the gibbous moon
Sip slowly a cold glass of water                                                        
Taste the first bite of autumn’s apples
Breathe deeply– the air of one breath
Enter the cathedral of forever woods
Kneel between rows of the garden’s raised beds
Smell the wet earth drifting toward sleep
Hold a hand that has been left empty
Look up to the sky and wonder
If this answers what you’re waiting for.                                            

** First appeared in The Wild Goose Poetry Review

Susan Deer Cloud visits Rochester's Memorial Art Gallery 

Poets Walk.  Here she is next to her poem.

photo taken by Roja Singh.

Susan Deer Cloud's visit was  everything I had hoped for.  Her poetry is bold and honest, a voice that captures time and place and the heart of its narrative makes a listener stop and think about the daily consequences of our living.  I have been Susan's company twice and I am at ease,but also surprised by what she may say or do, which means she  isn't rehearsed but in the moment.
Her latest collection Fox Mountain  (Foothills Publishing) is a strong sequence of poems dedicated to place.                

Big Pencil Awards
at Writers and Books 
The evening focuses on acknowledging those people and groups responsible for enriching the Rochester community through literature.

Local Honorees:
  • Gregory Gerard – A teacher of adults who has inspired the creation and appreciation of literature
  • Donna Marbach – A teacher of young people who has inspired the creation and appreciation of literature
  • Mary Widger – An individual who has made significant contributions to Writers & Books
  • Steven Huff – An individual who has made lifelong contributions to Rochester’s literary community
  • Patricia Braus on behalf of Rochester Education Foundation’s program Give Back, Give Books – An organization that has made significant contrubutions to the Rochester literary community
  • David Schickler – A writer who has had an impact on Rochester Readers

The evening was delightful. Congratulations to all the winners.  Well-deserved.

Today, 11/17/2013, at Books ETC in Macedon NY,  4-5:30 p.m.David Michael Nixon and I will be reading from our poetry.  David and I planned this reading as a braid of two voices.  David also promises to sing.  He has an exceptional voice, long standing member of Golden Links.

So if you're out and about before the big windstorm arrives, please join us!



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