Monday, June 24, 2013

At Last, The Steamy Summer Days

Mock Orange.
Photo by K. Iuppa

The steamy heat of June has arrived. Thankfully our gardens are drying out. Plants are surviving.
Small orchard is loaded with fruit, except one tree. Yesterday, spent the day working on my To-Do list.  Washed windows and cleaned the porch/deck. My plan is to work several hours a day on these chores until things are done. There is always plenty to do here.  This week is  busy with planning meetings and teaching.  I'm looking forward to the calendar year 2013-2014.  It will have its challenges but its joys too.  I'm so lucky to be working with such fantastic teaching artists and exceptional teachers.

Good News:  my poem "Studying the Sky" is featured on Heron Tree.  Here's the link:

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