Sunday, May 19, 2013

Photo Album: Where Are You?

Photo of my father, 1973.  Not sure where they (he and my mom) were traveling.  I was a young mother then, with a blonde baby boy, in a marriage that wouldn't last beyond four years.  My father is handsome here.  He would live 26 more years after this picture was taken.  He loved his life.  He loved my mother.

Looking at this picture, I wonder if he's scared of the camels.  I would be, knowing full well that they can scritched up a loogey and spit with dead-eye aim!

I wonder if he rode this camel?  Is that what they're preparing to do?

My grandson Jack has this look.  I saw it the other day at his Spring concert. Jack has so many gestures that are my father.  The way he waves hello and nods his head and smiles, in a way that is inward and outward smiling-- a look of glad to see you and you and you.

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