Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Bouquet of Violets for You and You and You too!

Photo by K.Iuppa, First Violets of Spring.

Due to stacks of papers and end of the semester events, I''ve neglected this blog.  I have been writing every day, trying to keep some balance in these Wild Days, Wild Nights.  But, I had promised poetry prompts.  What to do, what to do?  I'll post a few more today.

This week is the last week of the semester at St. John Fisher College, then too quickly finals week, rolling into grades due, and the procession of graduates.

What I have accomplished this weekend:
I have graded three classes' papers and journals (three mountains scaled!)  These will be handed back on Monday. 

I  helped hang the upcoming Art Exhibit at St. John Fisher.  Our opening reception is 4/23, 2013, 3-5p.m.
We will also be showcasing some of our campus musicians/singers and in celebration of National Poetry Month, there will be an open mic.   We have some very strong creative writers at St. John Fisher and it's been an absolute pleasure watching their work  morph over the semester. So if any of my local readers would like to come and read a poem or sing a song, or just eat a cookie and have a glass of lemonade and admire the watercolors and drawing Ireland artwork, please do come join us.  We're going to have a good time!

The weather has been bonkers.  Warm one day, just enough to encourage the grass to green and flowering trees to bud and daffodils to bloom, then pelting raining, blowing sideways and cold, cold wind and confetti snowflakes.

The week had us all thoughtful about what happened in Boston. All of us watching, watching the pieces of the narrative come together. Some of us amazed by the speed of technology.  How it's able to uncover every action and interaction. I hope that we will find out what  was motivating these young men and who was backing their enterprise.  I think there is a lot to this story.  I think the day of the attack is a metaphor. Even though the oldest brother claimed  that he didn't understand Americans, I think he understood metaphor. There is an "under-telling" to these events, and I'm hoping the news will do what news is suppose to do-- investigate & report.  Everyone needs to know exactly what happened.


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