Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two Week Round-Up! Now It's December!

Christmas Clwydian Style, photo by Suzanne Iuppa 

Here are Suzanne's mountains in Wales. I guess it's rare to see these mountains covered in snow. I like this vista, only wish that some day I will see it first hand.  My blogging time has been usurped by grading. Stacks and stacks of papers.  This weekend will see me finish the last batch of work.  This upcoming week is the last week of classes.  Yesterday (12/1), my colleagues Elizabeth King Durand, Heather Erwin, Nancy Greco and I hung the end of the semester art show in Lavery Library.  It took just close to three hours to get it just right.
We work steady, one-two, one-two.  I'm so grateful to these fabulous, talented women, who "make it happen." This exhibit is  one of our best showcases.

After hanging the show, I went to School 46 to help work the Project U.N.I.Q.U.E  (arts education) booth at the annual craft fair.We did very well selling our crafts and promoting ROC the day, which is coming up in approximately 2 weeks.  Hopefully, people will donate to our arts organization  to help further our arts programming in the schools this upcoming year.

Then, I finished the day at Writers & Books Big Pencil Award ceremonies.  Congratulations to Local Honorees: Leah Ruekberg, a teacher of adults who has inspired the creation and appreciation of literature;Grant Holcomb,an individual who has made lifelong contributions to Rochester’s literary community;David Cay Johnston, a writer who has had an impact on Rochester readers.
Henry Padron, a teacher of young people who has inspired the creation and appreciation of literature; Brad VanAuken, an individual who has made significant contributions to Writers & Books; and John Roche on behalf of Just Poets, an organization that has made significant contributions to the Rochester literary community. See W&B web site for honorees interviews:

It was a wonderful evening.

Looking back over the week:

Attended Bill Heyen's reading on Wednesday evening at SUNY Brockport's Writers Forum.
Such a fine reading, which was retrospective, introspective and current.  Bill is just amazing.  He has three new books out this year and the year isn't over. I enjoyed every minute.  So glad I had the energy to keep on truckin'.

Looking back over Thanksgiving Break:

Brigid and I shucked three huge mesh bags full of dried beans.  Black, white, red and pinto.  One bag remains to be done.  We were diligent shuckers.  The beans are gorgeous.  Now stored in glass jars.

We took Brigid and Jack to see The Christmas Carol at GeVa. We enjoyed the show, but it's actually scary and there were some 4 year olds in the audience who were whimpering in their mothers' armpits. . . . Sets, singing, acting all well done.

Thanksgiving was a much needed respite. Also saw the movie Argo, which was terrific.  You must see it.  Ben Affleck did a great job directing and starring in this film.

I want to see Lincoln.

Upcoming: Eastman School of Music Concert at St. John Fisher College.  Students from Elinor Freer's Chamber Music class will be performing selections from Brahms.

Thursday, December 6th at 6: 30 p.m. in Cleary Family Auditorium. Free and open to public.

Now it's time to get busy.  I have a lot planned for today. . . .

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