Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last Days of July

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Valentine in July. O, how I love the days of summer.
Have been in the thick of putting by our produce for winter. Our tomatoes are coming in.  So sweet, so full of sun. How do we manage to eat a store bought tomato in Winter?

Since we have enough zucchini to feed a small country, I have pulled out a zucchini bread recipe.  One I haven't used since my mom's passing nearly 15 years ago.  I made it a lot that summer for her and my dad and my siblings who were staying at the lake house. In the past week I've made the recipe twice.  A batch makes two loaves, so it's naturally generous. One for home and one for someone you love.  I gave my second loaf to my oldest son's family along with a basketful of veggies and three jars of jam. I have been trying to be diligent and pick the zucchini and yellow squash young, but sometimes, in a matter of an eye blink, the zucchini becomes the size of a baseball bat.What to do with zucchini when it's that size, yet still tender? Zucchini Parmesan is an answer, but you need to be living in a home with central air when the summer heat has been on high for days. Not the recipe for us, living in a 19th cc farmhouse.

Two of my grandchildren and my nephew came to visit this week.  We were nonstop. We picked blueberries and raspberries at  Brown's, went swimming, swimming, swimming, canoeing; went to the movies; did the Where's Waldo scavenger hunt in Brockport, and more.  Instead of chips, the kids asked for veggie platters, which I made several times, and they gobbled everything up. Such fun!

This upcoming week, I will be teaching at Writers and Books Summer Write program.  My course is My Name In Print and I will be working with children, ages 8-12. This is a morning workshop (9-Noon) and the days will just fly by.  They always do.

On Friday, August 3rd,  I will be reading from my chapbook As the Crow Flies (Foothills Publishing) at the Crow Show Artists' Reception at The Shoe Factory Art Co-op.  The Crow Show will run from August3rd- August 29th 2012. If you out and about on First Friday, please stop by and see  this new exhibit. Copies of my chapbook will be available for purchase. The Shoe Factory Art Co-op, 250 North Goodman Street, Studio 212, Rochester, NY 14607 (585) 732-0036.

Upcoming benefit for Michael Czarnecki's family and Foothills Publishing:

The Watkins Glen Writer’s Group will present a special evening of readings and song to benefit and support Michael and Carolyn Czarnecki and their family in their rebuilding efforts.  As most of you know, the Czarnecki family lost their home and virtually all their possessions when lightning struck their house while they were on vacation. Currently living on their land in borrowed trailers, they are hoping to be under cover before winter.  We are hoping the fundraising event will help them get closer to their goal – and be an enjoyable and entertaining evening for all.

Our soiree will feature music, readings and food.  It is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, August 26, from 5 to 7:30 pm, at the Old Havana Courthouse Theatre in Montour Falls.  This space features abundant parking (around the corner) lots of seating, air conditioning and handicap accessibility.  At this time, we are inviting those who would like to participate as performers and food providers as well as audience to respond.  (Please note – the owners of the theatre stress family-friendly entertainment and gently request that profanity not be used in their turn-of-the-century theatre). Readers and musicians, please estimate the time needed for your segment of the performance (we would like to limit most segments to 10 minutes or less but exceptions are also possible) and include a 1-2 sentence bio for our emcee to introduce you.  Food providers, please tell us whether you are planning to bring a (non-alcoholic) beverage cups, paper plates, napkins, baked products, cheese and crackers, fruit….  Whatever!   Admission will be by donation with all funds going to the Czarneckis.

Please respond with your intention to contribute to Karey Solomon ( who will sort your contributions into lists for the various coordinators.  And please, decide no later than August 10 (earlier is better).  More information will be coming your way soon.  We are looking forward to a wonderful event and your presence!

At the Writers & Books Benefit Reading on July 22nd, we raised over 1700.00 for the Czarneckis.  Special thanks to Wanda Schubmehl and Joe Flaherty  for their quick response and organization of this benefit reading. I was so happy to see Michael and Carolyn and Chapin at this reading-- so glad to know that the process of rebuilding is underway. I have every confidence that they will have a home on the hill by winter.

 Every dollar is a stone in their rebuild. We can make it happen.

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