Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Searching for something . . .

Photo by K.Iuppa
Searching for something . . .

Went to a poetry reading last night at the Little Theatre, featuring Jennifer Litt and Thom Ward.

They did a braided reading, each taking turns, a wonderful mix of persona, lyric and prose poems.
It was such a comfortable reading, filled with humor
and affection for each other and each other's work.
I was struck by their range of subject, the under-telling politics, irony of situation. Enjoyed hearing the snippets of conversation that revealed how poems came to be.
The reading was orchestrated perfectly.   It was such a pleasure being able to drift on the currents of their words.  I wasn't thinking of anything else, only paying attention to them.


Today is a mix of grading, teaching, meetings and  project assessment.  Went to the first project assessment on Monday, 4-7 p.m. with teachers, looking at 3rd grade portfolios of art and writing.  Some remarkable work was accomplished this year. Today, will review 4th grade.

Glad the cooler weather and rain has been in residence for the past few days.  A break from heat has made everything easier. Everything is just popping after the rain.  The rows of corn and cabbage in our surrounding fields are looking so fit. Checked our apple and pear trees and most are heavy with fruit.  I think we were really lucky. A pocket of air bubbled over our orchard. We may be some of the few who have apples this year.

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