Monday, May 7, 2012

Departures . . .

Photo by K. Iuppa

Now the school year is officially over.  Time to be reflective and look back on the academic year. What was stellar?  What could stand a bit more polish? Went to the honors ceremony and graduation at St. John Fisher College and was so happy for all the students (and parents) who crossed the finish line.  It's such a big moment for all concerned; even us, the faculty who have nudged the students along to achieve their goal(s). It was such a pleasure seeing all those victorious thumbs up raised to the crowd. Graduation is a remarkable threshold. These students will float out of our lives for a bit, then return with more stories of success. I'm  so proud of the talented men and women I have had the opportunity to work with. I know the world awaits them and they're going to take their opportunities and continue their good work.To all of you, Class of 2012!
Pax Vobis.

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