Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Morning Report: The Week That Was . . .

This weekend began with a fierce wind pushing, pushing through for two days straight. It howled like the midnight express, with gusts close to 60 mph. The farmhouse shimmied all night long. Saturday was overcast, sputtering snow, bitter cold. Now, it's so sunny. I can see a squirrel sunbathing on the lower limb of our Sugar Maple. Will have to take a walk today to soak up some of this sun.

On Wednesday, 2/22/2012, I read in the Writers Forum with Steve Fellner. Over 200 people were there, friends, English faculty, students (past, present, future). Anne Panning was so gracious. Her introduction included a quiz about Steve and me, which many audience members knew the answers. There are no secrets! Did you know that Steve watches 10 movies a week? It had been 10 years since my first time reading in the Writers Forum series. Hard to believe that many years have clipped by, so I decided to treat this reading as if it were my last time.
I read poems from before and after Within Reach. Signed a lot of books afterwards and talked to students and friends and poetry lovers from the community.

Enjoyed sharing this evening with Steve Fellner. He gave me his newest collection:The Weary World Rejoices, which I have been reading this weekend. Thank you Steve and Anne for this wonderful evening.

Next evening 2/23/2012, I read at St. John Fisher College with Poet John Roche. 40 people attended this reading-- faculty, friends and students.This was our trial run because John and I will be reading together in Buffalo on March 14. I enjoyed listening to John's reading because he did a before and after Ghost Roads. The Fisher students enjoyed his work very much and liked hearing how poems are organized into books. Will hear more feedback this week.

I was so pleased to hear such thoughtful and challenging questions posed by both Brockport and SJFC students. I enjoyed listening to how the conversations evolved on both nights.

Needless to say, I was tired by the time Friday rolled around, but my heart was and still is very glad.

Looking forward, there are more readings coming up. I'm going to Buffalo to read in The Gray Hairs Reading; presenting at NeMLA at the Rochester conference; going to SUNY Potsdam for a reading and workshop, and after the semester finishes I will be in Olean for a writers workshop.

Oh, yes, and the other good news, I'm current with all of my grading! Woo-Hoo!

Hope all of you are enjoying the last days of February. What are you going to do on the 29th?
I think we should make this an exceptional day of fun.

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