Sunday, January 29, 2012

River of Stone Writing Project

Stone #29:

A slow sugar sifting of snow has been falling since 8 a.m. At last, we seeing a scene from winter's past. When Peter fed the chickens, they were distressed by the snow. Didn't quite know what to make of it. They ran back into their hutch. This snow band is stretching from Jamestown to Hamlin to Watertown. I guess today is the day winter arrives.

Quincouplet Project: We're at the end of Round Four. Round Five started on Saturday (1/28).
A perk of this project, at least for me, is making the collage postcards. Patricia Roth Schwartz
is also collaging her cards. I can't wait to see all of the cards that have been sent in the mail.
I think we're going to present our quincouplets at a Just Poets meeting in April, or it may be
an event of its own. Not sure, but there will be a celebration of this work. My team's work has been fascinating to watch the twists and turns in each round. Every round has had a theme. So far, we've had these themes: wintering, fire, color, deception, and now, rivers.
We're going to have seven rounds, which will put us mid-February, or so. It's gone by so quickly.

Today will be another day of catching up with work. One of my students told me that she does everything on the weekends because the weekdays are too jammed packed. Mine too. I have been getting up in the wee hours of the morning, trying to get a leg up on all the work that's due right now. I feel like I'm organizing work in the same way airplanes are held on a tarmac until take off. Several planes are waiting with their lights on. O, to soar~

Just received the proof pages for the upcoming issue of The Centrifugal Eye. Eve Hanninen, Editor-in-Chief, is an amazing artist, designer, writer. I admire her aesthetics-- such style and thought on each page. My pages for this upcoming issue are gorgeous. It's thrilling to see, worthy of framing. Can't wait to read the whole issue.

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